Tesalate Sand Free Towels From Bondi Beach AU!

After 2020, I was able to finally book a staycation somewhere near our town. I was MIA on my blog for a long time. I got so busy taking care of my new business and was really grateful for the wonderful opportunities that came my way, and I promised myself I’d spend my time wisely from hereon.

So, for my very first 2021 post, I’d ,like to share my new brand collab with Tesalate towels that came all the way from Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia!

It’s about time to ditch your old heavy, boring towels! The world has changed, but beach towels haven’t.They are all the same dull, heavy, musty towels that our grandmother used. But it’s amazing how Tesalate has invented sand-free light towels for us! You aren’t boring, so why is your towel? Tesalate ‘s innovative fabric allows us to create colours on towels never seen before. Go from the car to the beach and to the bar with their quick-drying compact towel you can easily throw in your bag.

Why buy a Tesalate?

Patent-pending fabric technology, thoughtful design, and a lot of Aussie style go into every single Tesalate towel. It is very versatile.It can be used as a towel, a blanket or even a wall design!

You may check out other designs. They have anti-bacterial workout towels as well that you can use during yoga sessions and gym workouts.

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