I didn’t have any SLEEP. I am a walking zombie. I had migraines. A hangover I think. And a stomachache.

Let me just share you why I’m feeling all of this right now. Friday today and a friend invited us to have drinks again over at her place. I was scheduled to go shopping at UNIQLO since today is the flagship store opening and it’s their grand, massive SALE.

I agreed with my friend’s invitation thinking I wouldn’t really drink much, but I think I had 6 glasses of The Bar spiked with energy drink. Holy crap, I thought I could handle shopping with just a few drinks. But I’m all hell and feeling disoriented and so wasted!

Since I have made a promise to myself that I’ll be going to Uniqlo, I pushed through with the plan and lo and behold! This is what greeted us.


Uniqlo Philippines SM Mall of Asia Opening


And it’s like 11:00am only!

I had no choice but to endure the agonizing wait just to buy those cute shirts

And how I wish I’ve been smart and used my brain. Because I was browsing and browsing looking for cute shirts that I didn’t realize there’s also a long line inside at the cashier so I ended up waiting forever. The sad part was that many people were hoarding gazillion items carrying  3 baskets while mine were just 5 Barbie tops and a pair of jeans. I started shopping around 11am and we were finished by 3pm.

But guess what? It’s Ok. Coz it’s all worth it.

I love all of their shirts. There’s Hello Kitty, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and then some.

If I were you, i’d visit UNIQLO right now since their sale on shirts are only until the 21st and their jeans sale ends July 1st I.  That’s what i’ve heard.so I suggest you hurry and grab your own cute graphic shirts from UNIQLO.

Sale for 590 on all graphic shirts and jeans!

(photo credits from Inquirer)

I also got a free tote bag!

And let me share this with you. Im lovin Mall of Asia more and more. Mac will be opening their store in July and there’s also Forever 21! and Keihl’s are now open as well. I am definitely going nuts!

Sorry for not posting looks lately. I’ve been quite busy with family stuff.but I will make sure to update. I’ve got a long list. My Converse  Jack Purcell shoes, my UNIQLO shirts, and other outfits I haven’t blogged yet.

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