Exception Music Festival-The crowd

Exception Music Festival has catered to all walks of life. it’s not all about Trance music. As you can see they put up three stages and one of them for live bands. Those who don’t dig the EDM scene can listen and hang out at the live stage area. The sole purpose of this big event is to gather all happy people in one massive event.

I partied till my feet begged for a fish spa. I was minding my own happy world and didn’t have a care in the world coz I’m having a blast! Surprisingly, I met a lot of new friends and met some fellow bloggers as well.



Parkoya ni Edgar band gathered a lot of audience as usual






The scene felt like you were on the beach. All people wearing comfortable clothes. We didn’t even care what we looked like even if we’re sweating all over. All that matters is you get to hear good music and enjoy the night.



We were so crazy about Emfie, the EMF mascot. In fact, he was the star of the night!




Crowd getting wild

One thing I love about Trance music is the energy it gives you. The hype and adrenaline that goes pumping in your blood as soon as you hear it. Even if you have two left feet and couldn’t dance, you’d be inclined to do so and can’t help but go with the flow. Everyone is a dancer. In my case, whenever I dance, I close my eyes and feel the music and let it absorb all the stress I have, just like meditation.


Benz lookin like a pimp.


The winners of my blog contest Jeg Dumpit and the replacement guy. Sorry I didn’t know your name dude.


Sorry for the blinding image. I know it’s too bright.


Moumen giving away freebies!


 Moumen Daker

20121213-161946.jpgThe girl with the saxophone. First time I’ve encountered such an awesome number!




I love the fireworks!


Looking shit. Lol


Spotted. Bubbles Paraiso.

Aside from Bubbles, we spotted Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy, Borgy Manotoc and Raymond Gutierrez but we weren’t able to take a picture since they were all very busy talking and it would seem very rude to interrupt. It just so happens that Bubbles were friends with blogger Laureen Uy so we got the chance to take a picture of her.


Spotted these 2 candidates of the Bb Pilipinas.


Let’s meet our fellow bloggers, shall we?


Bloggers Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Patricia Prieto.


We were all wearing shorts!  Haha.



Fellow blogger Adrian Benipayo


I’m amazed at this guy. Imagine he went there around 4pm and went home 4am! I love the energy!

I hope there will be another Music Festival like this one. Till the next EMF hopefully

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