Coloud The Knock Headphones

 I’ve been wanting to replace my old ratty earphones for a very long time and I’m just so happy I got a new one. And headphones at that!

To be honest with you, I’m really not a fan of headphones. I just don’t like the thought of walking down the street wearing something in my head. But after seeing these headphones at Astrovision, I thought I’d give them a chance and wear something different. I love the fact that it’s not so big like some headphones out there. It’s also time to be more convenient when listening to music. I hate how I have to untangle wires from my old earphones as it’s always been a struggle for me. I’ve been thinking of buying this but it just constantly slipped my mind.

To my complete happiness, I got this awesome music gadget as a gift from Coloud!

And I even love the colour which is a combination of grey and pink. Just really suits my taste.


One thing I love about this Coloud “The Knock” version is the performance it gives and how you can buy this for a reasonable price of 1,495.00 php.

I got this last Saturday and immediately tried it on. Initial reaction? I love the feel of the soft cushion on my ears. It is ultra lightweight headphone promises comfort and it sure does. It’s not heavy. I love the no-nonsense design. After switching the music on, the sound is super clear and very distinct. I also notice how it doesn’t block ambient sound so it still allows you to hear the things happening in the outside world, which avoids accidents and makes you aware of your surroundings.


Notice how the wires are flat, which makes it easier to tie and prevent the wires from being tangled. It’s one of the few problems I always encounter from earphones. So with that being said, this one I must say, really rocks.


There’s a microphone and a remote at the flat cable made from TPE (which I happen to know from reading the manual) a feature that’s handy coz it means you can pick up and answer phone calls wherever and whenever. You can also forward and rewind tracks using the 3 click microphone. Cool beans don’t you think?


Based on the manual, this Zound Lasso, with the flat cable is the thing that solves the tangles from wires we often experience with other headphones or earphones. The pliable plug actually bends 180 degrees to hold the cable in place when we’re not using it. Meaning, you just wrap the cord around the Zound Lasso and secure it with the bendable plug and voila, tangle-free life!!!!


So, what do you think of my review?

I love my new Coloud the Knock headphones. It makes listening to EDM more enjoyable now.

For more colors to choose from you may check out their website

I love the other available colors but I prefer this simpler one.

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