Dunkin Derek

I was never really the type who would go gaga or even care about a celebrity. That was my egotistic self back then. I am quite contented with just watching them on-screen, maybe becausee I don’t really g-ive an F about them. I saw a few celebrities from the past and even bumped into one at a restaurant. I can still remember my friends took out their cameras and dragged me with them and had our picture taken with this certifiable hunk, as what they had labeled him. I never really find anything quite special with this guy. One of my friends even caught him frowning when some of the people in the restaurant also requested for picture-taking.

So, I was surprised with myself for I am not the old egotistic Cheryl who thought gushing over celebrities is pathetic, cheesy, and just plain stupid.
I can now say I am an avid fan. Even starstruck!

Coz for me, Derek Ramsay was an exception. I can tell a genuine person when I see one. He naturally smiled at the people and accommodated everyone.

Isn’t it obvious? I totally adore him! Not just because he’s a hunk but because I just find him very natural with no air of arrogance. He’s very professional.


I met him last week at the Dunkin Donuts Media Event at Sheridan, Mandaluyong.

Dunkin Donuts really made a wise decision to have him as the brand endorser. He’s very effective. I can now see some ladies toting Dunkin Donuts Valentine boxes and even caught one woman staring at the picture of Derek while munching on her donut!

To know more about Derek And Dunkin Donuts, you may check out the article I wrote here



I also met IC Mendoza, who was also there during the event.

More posts for the Bigfish Dash Berlin. I will show you some decent photos taken by Mr. Art Oca, who agreed to contribute photos here in my blog.


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