Fit for Fashion Season 2 Premiers this Month January!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get fit and change your life, then you should definitely tune it to the new Fit for Fashion Season 2 that is now airing at Star World this month. The inspirational first-of-its-kind TV reality show  aims to motivate it’s viewers to start their own transnational journeys. 14 Women and and men all over the world will begin a life changing course to redefine not only their bodies but also their mind and self image with the help of fur experts Louise Roe, Mitch Chilson, Christine Bullock and Todd Anthony Tyler.


We met the people behind this wonderful production. We were very lucky to be chosen as one of the bloggers to attend their media launch at the SM Aura Directors Club.

Following a successful season, Fitness First, one of the largest fitness brands in the world, has once again partnered with Imagine Group, an Internation TV Production powerhouse to create Fit for Fashion Season 2. The second season welcomed yet another sponsor  ZALORA, Asia’s online fashion destination , who play an  integral role in making Season 2 even more captivating and entertaining for viewers.



With Kyle Ramirez, one of the participants representing our country.


With blogger David Guison

P_20160112_165658_LL P_20160112_165642_LL

To give you an idea what this show is all about, the 14 contestants get to face physical activity challenges and through the whole course of the show, they will also encounter number of fashion challenges. They will be expected to flaunt their newly transformed bodies and self confidence, and ZALORA has ensured that they will be showing off the new them in their trendiest high street fashion labels available on

The Participants: :

1. Lookpong Punyabhuti, Thailand
2. Jess Punch, Singapore
3. Deena Marzuki, Malaysia
4.. Vicki Wheeler, Australia
5. Kyle Ramirez, Philippines
6. . Marlon Dance-Hooi, Singapore & Malaysia
7. Michael Gelonesi, Australia
8. Anthony D. Walker, aka Anthony Dupree, USA
9. Jackie Zapata, USA & Philippines
10. Vladimir Musson, Russia & Australia
11. Sam Gaskin, Australia
12. Katherine Patrick, Australia
13. Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi, Indonesia
14. Attila CK, Hungary & Malaysia


Our very own Jackie Zapata and Kyle Ramirez represents Philippines . Restless and struggling with stress, Jackie, a first generation Filipino-American with a successful banking career, auditioned for Fit for Fashion in hopes that the show will give her the tools she needs to reinvent herself. Meanwhile, the well known entertainment host Kyle is looking to broaden his existing skills and to better himself physically and mentally.

These participants went through the Bioscore training as well, which determines your biological or fitness age. compared to your real age. This assessment is really interesting and luckily, we were one of the chosen bloggers to try it before it was launched January 13 at all Fitness First gyms.

P_20160112_175226 P_20160112_175237


Unlike other health fitness assessments, Bioscore doesn’t look at bodyweight or body fat percentage, bit instead focuses on other key metrics, conducted by a trained specialist.


With Remzy, our Fitness trained specialist to help us with the assessment.


I wonder what score will I get?

P_20160112_175927  P_20160112_180829  P_20160112_182956

P_20160112_182934 P_20160112_183024_BF_1_1 P_20160112_180247_1_1

Surprisingly, my waist is 24 inches!!





The Bioscore Assessment comprises a series of health and fitness tests, and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, in order to obtain a more holistic picture of a persons health.

  • Health test: This element of the test looks at the status of key vital including height to waist ratio., lung function and blood pressure.
  • Fitness test: The element includes a series of short and simple exercises to assess aerobic fitness, power, strength, flexibility, agility and core endurance. Exercises includes a T row, standing jumps, core endurance drills, hexagonal agility and a 500m row.
  • Lifestyle test: This element goes beyond the physical with a questionnaire that looks at lifestyle choices in and out of the gym, such as nutrition, stress levels, sleep and drinking habits to build a bigger picture of one’s health.

Results from all these tests will be analyzed to determine one’s Bioscore-a number which will be either higher or lower than one’s actual age.



With Kyle while having our training


People say I look either Mexican or Indian. I guess because of my eyes and  nose?




I am not going to reveal my score but obviously it’s higher. The Instructor told me that I really need to work on my core endurance. I get tired so easily and I wasn’t able to pass some of the tests.

I guess I need to consider going back  to the gym. I am not promising anything though haha.

Oh and another one, you may download Custom Fit available for both Iphone and Android. This app can really help you achieve that summer body youve been longing for. The app consists of several exercises for both home and gym.

For more info about the Fit for Fashion, check out their website

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