Meeting the Mental Assassin for the first time!

I’ve always been interested to study human behavior and anything related to Psychology. My bookshelf is full of books about Hypnosis, opening one’s third eye, positive thinking self help books, study of the mind, enhancing your core energy, yoga teachings and spiritual attainment. I’ve met some paranormal investigators,  people who have third eye, gurus and yogis. God is always good to me for he granted my wish to finally meet a person who can read minds!

12418110_10208868552697981_2981217752706708413_nMeet Justin Pinon, the Mental Assassin

We met him at the Staple and Perk Bakery  located in Pasong Tamo. I noticed how he was really observant about the people around him, perhaps really reading each of our minds. It seems really uncomfortable when you are around this type of person but actually, I felt at ease around him maybe because he’s such a friendly guy and always smiling. We had the opportunity to test his ability and accuracy in reading one’s mind. A short activity was performed wherein all of us will write down whatever word that comes in our mind. I tried making it hard for him and thought of the word “crucial”. After coming up with our words, he tried reading us one by one and I am really astounded that he was able to know all of the words we’ve written in the paper. For the second activity, he asked one of us to blindfold him really tight and even put duct tape all around the blindfold just to make sure that it’s secure. He asked us to pick one object we own and he will tell what object it is. We all tried looking for a very difficult object to guess so he won’t know what we are holding and still, he was able to figure it all out!

About Justin Pinon:

Justin Piñon is a Mentalist who goes by the moniker “Mental Assassin”. As a Mentalist, he can seem to read your mind and manipulate your behavior and your decisions. He does not claim that he possesses neither supernatural powers nor psychic abilities. However, he can figure out what you are thinking through the use of Psychology, his expertise at body language reading, hypnosis, suggestion and showmanship.

You could see him perform at hotels, corporate events, media events, social gatherings, government events and private parties, and has performed for influential people, famous celebrities and personalities. He even performs at famous malls like TriNoma (where he was labeled “The Most sought after mind reader in the Philippines”), Power Plant, SM, bars and restaurants.He has also been featured on several TV shows from different networks such as Rated K (twice), Sweet Life with Lucy (Thrice), Kalye, QTV True Stories, Wow Meganon’s One-Two-Trick, Gandang Umaga Pilipinas (Dagupan), AHA! (twice), Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A. All the Way, GNN’s Creative Business, Sharon Kasama Mo Kapatid, CgeTV in Da Loop (twice), Game ‘N Go, Kape at Balita (GMA NewsTV), Tonight with Arnold Clavio, Unang Hirit, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Special Report, The Filipino Channel’s Under the Spotlight, Umagang Kay Ganda, Pinoy True Stories Hiwaga (twice), Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho, and three special episodes on Ruffa and Ai, where he constantly astounded the audience, hosts and crew with his performances. He left quite a mark on the hosts of Sweet Life with Lucy Torres during one of his guest appearances that Lucy Torres-Gomez even gave a statement on air that he is “the Mentalist to beat.” Also, Lucy’s co-host Wilma Doesent commented on air that he is “THE” Mentalist.

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