The Haunted Mansion

Because of stress, the only thing I could do to find my source of positive energy is connecting with nature.


Getting lost.

Sometimes, that’s all you need to really find yourself—being lost literally.


We have been driving around Tagaytay for hours, just looking at the nice scenery around us. Upon taking the uphill climb to Palace in the Sky, we saw a downhill road on our left and we decided to check it out. As we drove forward, we stumbled upon this huge mansion.



Pretty scary isn’t it? In fact, I felt an eerie presence while we took our pictures. Ever since I learned meditation, I have been really sensitive about the things we cannot see in our naked eye.

This mansion is owned by the Marcos family and I think this has been abandoned for years.  I chatted with the caretakers of the mansion and they told us that the mansion was closed because of people who go there just to have drinking and pot sessions.




Did you know that this mansion was used in the movie The Haunted Mansion?  This place on my right is where the actress hanged herself in the story.


Can you be brave enough to sleep here all alone? I can just imagine how stupidly scared you’d be. But this place is so peaceful and quite relaxing to me.



It’s so nice to get lost. No maps. No compass. Just treading down the path to nowhere.

Location: Cabuyao, Laguna

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