The Chef Next Door Jonas Ng

Say HELLO again to CHEF NEXT DOOR – Chef Jonas Ng!

Chef Next Door Chef Next Door

The Group Entertainment together with Lifestyle Network channel welcomes another feisty, hot character on the block this July. Say hello to the Chef Next Door – Chef Jonas Ng.

Chef Jonas, head chef and owner of Huat Pot Hotpot Restaurant in Greenhills and Le Jardin in Bonifacio Global City, takes us on a culinary journey to the food industry by showing you the faces, places, and stories behind the food industry that we are only starting to discover. He shares the easiest and most practical ways to cook restaurant recipes, some tricks of the trade and chef hacks that he has learned over ten years of working inside a high-pressure, solution-oriented professional kitchen.

Each episode teaches viewers how to come up with restaurant the quality output from modern urban limitation and just like in real-life kitchens, be prepared to see how Chef Jonas bounces back from realistic kitchen struggles like lack of time, space, and budget by doing his #chefninjamoves as he “MacGyver” his way to coming up with creative and informative solutions in every kitchen crisis he is thrown with.comical, adventurous, and passionate. Be prepared to fall in love with ….. or maybe just “friend-zoned” in the Chef Next Door.

The event was filled with fun activities and not to mention great food! I cannot stop eating for the past few months. With all the events I am attending, buffets seem always at present and I can’t resist from indulging in food especially desserts!

Le Jardin French Restaurant

Le Jardin French Restaurant

Cakes from Karen’s.Kitchen! I can gobble a few slices of cake in one sitting and that’s a skill i’m proud of. Tried each of their super delicious and unique flavored cakes and I felt so hyper from all these sweets.

Karen's Kitchen

Le Jardin French Restaurant Karen's Kitchen

Karen’s Kitchen 

I wouldn’t miss the ever popular Fog City artisanal Ice Cream!  It was so creamy and milky that I had 1 cup of the calamansi flavor and 2 cups of the Butterscotch Pecan.  Imagine all the food in my stomach and I sensed that its complaining and pleading  for me to stop but my brain is contradicting the damn feeling.

Fog City

Fog City artisanal ice cream 

There’s also the Baguio crafted beer from these two cool looking studs. Tried both flavor but preferred the light one.

Baguio crafted brwery Baguio crafted brwery

Baguio crafted brwery

Baguio crafted brwery

These 2 studs behind the Baguio Craft Brewery

The South Girl

My Instagrammable photo

The fun part about the event is that I joined the karaoke contest and sang the Wannabe by Spice Girls. I miss singing really so I thought of putting it to the test again. I didn’t win the grand prize but at least I get to bring home a guacamole chips bowl set!


We all won!!









My blogger friends


With my pretty blogger friend Nicole Paler of Chic Mix 


Lovin this Wall of Fame 


With Jonas Ng: Chef Next Door




Of course selfie is required. My chubby cheeky cheeks.

It was a such a memorable afternoon of mingling with all these interesting people that even if I was lacking sleep I still felt so energized.

Photo credits:

Victoria Cruz

Bette Medina of Eunnie Inspirational

Cindy Dominguez of Checkpoint Cindy

Daryl Madelo

Visit the Le Jardin French Restaurant at W Building in BGC.

Address: 32nd St, Taguig, Metro Manila

“Chef Next Door Season 2” will air regularly on Lifestyle every
Wednesdays at 9:30PM, Thursdays at 1:00AM, Saturdays
6:00PM, Sundays 10:00AM, Mondays at 3:30PM, Tuesdays
at 12:00MN. The show is a joint producton venture by The
Group Entertainment and iSnap Creatves.

About the Group Entertainment
The Group Entertainment is a media company focused on the
business of international content development and distributon.
The company aim is to create, source and develop intellectual
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have gained widespread international distribution since the
company started in 2010.

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