Non Conformist



Booties from Nine West// Skinnies from Cotton On//Tank Top Forever 21//Black jacket given by my blogger friend

I’ve  grown sick and tired of following trends. Well, actually, I was never really a trendsetter or a follower. I always make it a point to wear something agreeable to my taste. Doesn’t really matter if its branded or if its bought in a flea market.

I’m a non conformist.

My thoughts the other day is:

To a literalist, a church is a church, a desert is a desert. His.mind is closed to their meaning. He fails from being practically impractical. So efficient in many things he cant read their significance. Too focused on what he believes in. Its a challenge to communicate with them, like a closed minded retard. . Whenever I encounter their kind, I switch my ears to deaf mode. We should expand our mind and be open to all possibilities, beliefs, discarding judgmental behaviors. I am a very opinionated person but I throw my opinions to the right people. Its a waste of breath if you get to engage with a bunch of cockroaches.
So many of them scattered everywhere.

I can communicate with literal thinkers as long as they aren’t being judgmental  I do understand that most of them hate people who think figuratively, but we should respect individuality.


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