The Manila International Book Fair 2016

One of my cheap thrills? Hoarding books. It’s like looking at a shelf of desserts all lined up before my very eyes causing my mouth to water. I have this habit of buying books on impulse  and they all end up sitting on the bookshelves waiting to be read.

It’s a guilty pleasure.  I was dizzy with happiness. All sorts of books are available for you to splurge in!


14390949_10210999187602522_2362901783671757721_n 14441114_10210999222283389_779204142158186598_n 14449002_10210999226923505_6872018891656943378_n 14457279_10210999203482919_6854709432751962475_n 14463184_10210999193002657_9037534692060126917_n 14469435_10210999224523445_5165716224406561993_n

I actually came in as a writer for Light Network. All sorts of books are being sold from graphic novels, reference books, fiction and non fiction,  books about business, law and all genres you can think of.

14355613_10210999189842578_3884145085671648139_n 14359139_10210999205202962_6644517733732688182_n
14440694_10210999195722725_5357751498905336642_n 14441094_10210999200722850_4682376381967640874_n 14445960_10210999206202987_594693789796195276_n 14448917_10210999191442618_8127042966096635977_n 14449737_10210999197642773_4196402211670740240_n 14462904_10210999188682549_1443801378006471489_n 14469668_10210999199962831_3989530062284866252_n

To know more about MIBF and their events, visit their website here

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