The Craft Central now opens store in Greenbelt 5

When you visit our room (me and my kids room), prepare yourself to be greeted with a whole lot of mess. There’s papers everywhere, books left opened, bookmarks scattered on the floor, a pen can be found inside a shoe, Play Doh clays plastered on walls and all sorts of arts and crafts carelessly thrown either on the bed or on the table.

My kids love art so much. They have a lot papers, pens, crayons, washi tapes, anything artsy you can think of. My eldest daughter is also learning calligraphy so she’s got several drawing books and other calligraphy paper notebooks kept in one of her bookshelves.

I was in La la land when I entered The Craft Central store.


The Craft Central has partnered with 70 different talented artists showcasing their work of art and I guarantee you that your mouths will start to water when you see these cute things all lined up for you to ogle with!



We were served hot delicious tea and muffins.  from Coffee Bean



I checked out each stations from partners showcasing their products. These people are so passionate with their craft that it doesn’t look like they’re working. They don’t even looked tired!




I’m so happy with my new notebook from Ink Scribbler. 🙂




My good friend David got some present for his wife.


01 capture


A cool looking travel journal!

14463040_10210997716005733_4809007464046538808_n 14359032_10210998985757476_5651142722515225215_n

Dreamcatchers for your sleepless nights


Soak Artisan Soap



14358744_10210998994717700_4039132138006457106_n 14358776_10210999239363816_5581549615338089206_n 14355750_10210997712765652_4319015114954024835_n 14354946_10210998987997532_3061266456218258713_n 14344830_10210999250084084_5033675723668540500_n 14358849_10210999255204212_4302154506923758032_n

Whoa!!! cute stamps. . I love the cute cat stamp and these are a work of art from @sqooid

14462844_10210998974957206_3616031638595867170_n 14462719_10210999242843903_1265305850075516518_n 14449724_10210999256604247_2340939956732710082_n 14448778_10210999008838053_6035959159713786613_n

14446022_10210998983277414_6176940102294673307_n 14441019_10210999240483844_8108579367063284157_n

Coolest tape I’ve ever seen. Perfect for gifts! Make a mental note of this for Christmas.

14441014_10210997741286365_5429578633957501185_n 14440896_10210997737046259_2045961364205475937_n 14440608_10210997702165387_5377685055360670320_n 14369877_10210999246523995_7096721200871195967_n 14364727_10210998979877329_8629776538925865430_n

Look Zo look!  Calligraphy Love!


You’ll drink your tea every chance you’ll get if you have these cute set

Visit The Craft Central at Greenbelt 5 for your art needs, gift inspirations, unnecessary splurges, hobbies or when your sad or lonely. This store will definitely perk you up big time.



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