E Channel It Girls Launch Party

My thighs are still sore from the Crossfit workout we did last week. It was an agony walking especially when going down a flight of stairs. Imagine someone pounding your thigh with a hammer. That excruciating!  And I’m not even exaggerating.

So, imagine what I looked like when I attended the E Channel It Girls Launch party at House Manila in Remington Hotel. I looked like someone not used to wearing heels and walking the “duck” walk.

Also, It was a last minute shopping. since I was really running late for the event and I don’t have anything to wear (most of my wardrobe consists of shirts and denims. I’ve given up wearing dress and heels and I prefer the laid back style now) I bought a cheap dress that only costs 500 pesos and flats for only 250 pesos. Who needs an expensive dress when you’ll only be wearing it once? twice? or thrice right?


I was with Eunnie  and Vixy during the event. Usually, my blogger and writer friends just shows up one by one. I don’t worry about not having company. I love being alone coz it  gave others an opportunity and a chance to approach me, which is my way of gaining new friends (and dates!)

14650700_10211249528340884_8096545946075484923_n 14650045_10211249049928924_7133709333750071159_n 14610953_10211249049728919_7993152421828833491_n 14606466_10211249048928899_1078713393249281630_n

So many women trying their very best to be an “It girl” wearing fancy dresses, launching into a tirade of “conyo” English and holding their iPhones for capturing their selfies. As for me, I try to speak in proper English as much as possible because you may never know who you’ll bump and meet. It’s better to speak smartly that sounding stupid and acting like one as well.

I say no to conyo English!

Anyways,  Solen Heussaff was there, Isabel Daza and Liz Uy. looking all gorgeous as ever.



And of course, the host of the show Raymond Gutierrez

Watch E Channel’s latest show It Girls. Its a reality show of these four women sharing their everyday lives. Catch them on E Channel.



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