Trying out Crossfit in Alabang

I’ve gained weight lately and it’s obvious with the way how my shirt looks so tight and seems like my boobies cant breathe. I’m a bit frustrated because this was the first time that I looked close to being called “chubby”. Seriously, it bothers me.

Thankfully, like an answered prayer, I got invited to try out Crossfit workouts in Alabang.

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I did a little research about this workout program and I found out how intense this is. It concentrates more on strength and endurance. that typically consists of varied movements and different exercise programs per day. It can be weight lifting, running, jumping some squats and other sports activities all thrown into a program.

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Reebok items sold at the CrossFit box in Alabang


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medicine balls

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So I was really ecstatic to try it out. I was introduced to coach Sid, who conducted the Bootcamp for us. The Bootcamp consists of five parts. A few exercises in our yoga mats, some rabbit relays, squats, push-ups, jumping and a little marathon outside the Box. It was so tiring but fun. I love how Crossfit promotes camaraderie since you get to do this activity mostly in groups, like Amazing Race.

Our Bootcamp lasted for an hour or so. I wasn’t able to monitor but this includes the little introductions, the stretching, the warm-ups, the main intense workouts, and cooldowns.. 

With Coach Sid 

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 With sister Bettie

We were introduced to the basic workout first. As we progress, the coach said that we will be performing more extreme challenging foundational movements.on our next session. I can’t wait to meet new people. I can say that I’ll really enjoy this compared to just typically going to the gym where most people mind their own effin business and never caring about anything besides their sweaty bodies. 1476608232729
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I feel so thirsty afterwards!

One more thing, if you wanted to be serious about Crossfit, you gotta be serious with your eating habits too. As they say, trying out a new workout or a sport requires discipline,  commitment, focus, and being passionate. You should be willing to change your lifestyle. So with Crossfit enthusiast, they have this thing called Paleo diet or the “caveman” diet.  You have no idea how hard this is. I mean, I love sweets and I cannot just give that up. So to be honest, I’m not sure if I can be committed ()not just with food haha). I can do Crossfit,  but  I’m unsure about the idea of changing my eating habits. It will all depend on me and as of now, I need more influence from these people.


Our Paleo meal consists of sweet potato, bacon and scrambled eggs


With new Crossfit buddies

 I’d like to thank the Crossfit Alabang team for letting me experience this.  I’ll definitely be back!

Check out Crossfit and see for yourself. Visit their box in Alabang

Click here for a FREE trial.

Crossfit MNL South

Warehouse 6, La Fuerza Compound
Alabang Zapote Road Almanza Uno Las Pinas City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1750

Landline: +63 2 869 0768
Mobile (Globe): +63 917 712 9904
Mobile (Globe): +63 917 812 9817
Box Manager: Xhi Tabalan

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