The Powerpuff Girls ready to save the world once again!

My daughter Savannah was so lazy to get up in the morning as I was supposed to bring her with me at the Powerpuff Girls event at the Mall of Asia since she’s still playing with toys at an age of 9. She’s not the type who would cry and scream just to get what she wants. I trained them that way and I often tell them that instead of buying expensive toys,  it would be more sensible to spend their mom’s hard earned money on books and educational toys  wherein they could learn and help stimulate their brains.

So anyway, I attended the meet and greet with Blossoms, Bubbles and Buttercup  held at the MOA Atrium last Saturday.


Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting trio is back. The biggest and the most anticipating comeback of this year is about to drive the animation crazy this October.  Get ready to witness your fave cartoon trio better, bolder and braver than ever before at the grandest and up-scale launch of the re imagined Powerpuff Girls!

p_20161022_140549_ll p_20161022_144557_ll

I find them really cute and very entertaining. Buttercup as usual is always bratty and wanting the spotlight all by herself while Blossoms telling her to behave like a good kid (well, I just invented the scenario. Me and my very colorful imagination. )

p_20161022_141048_ll p_20161022_141039_ll p_20161022_140529_ll

Kids and kids at heart, as well as the media, enjoyed the colorful games and mini activities. Kids get to explore the Powerpuff Townsville where sugar, spice and everything nice all belong. There’s maze-solving with the Catch the Villain activity.  Unleash the inner Buttercup at the Buttercup Mini Training Grounds and enjoy delightful power-up popcorn and delightful treats.

p_20161022_140450_ll p_20161022_140510_ll

The Powerpuff range of toys are all available at leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. Prices starts at 299 php.


Here I am feeling like a cute kid. 🙂


My Powerpuff token for Savannah!

These toys are exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. Check out their products by visiting their FAcebook page Richwell Club and website at

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