Herbalife Nutrition At Work: Helping Millennials Adopt Positive Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve been very determined to lose weight lately, especially now that I have a reason to do so. Changing one’s lifestyle can be really challenging with all the buffets from events i’m attending, friends who love to eat, affordable food within my reach, and the urge to grab something to bite during midnight while writing and reading are all temptations that’s hindering me from staying fit and healthy.

Since I also started doing Crossfit exercises, I became aware of what I eat (well, not all the time.) I have to admit being in the “stay fit, eat healthy” mindset requires discipline and determination. I hope my new friends from my Crossfit class could somehow help influence me to be health conscious. coz almost everyone there is having Paleo diet and they carry this strong  attitude to stay fit and lose extra pounds..

I’m being rained with a lot of blessings and amazing things are happening in my life for some reason. Just in time, I got invited to attend the Herbalife event which was held at the Conrad Hotel. I was so excited to finally try their protein shakes and learn more about their health and diet program.


Herbalife Nutrition, aglobal nutrition company, has released the findings of it’s Asia Pacific Millennials At Work Survey which revealed that Filipino millenials are adapting a healthy, active  lifestyle  however, most believe their current workplace environment prevents them from doing so.

The Millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, are poised to form 50 % of the workforce by 2020. With such vast numbers, their presence will have immense influence in shaping workplace cultures, while their well-being will continue to define workforce productivity for the year’s to come. Herbalife believes that having healthy diet can help these people be more effective with their jobs by being fit and staying healthy.

Now how does one stay fit with all the demands of our jobs? Some people forget about being healthy since most of us, especially millennials are too focused on climbing the corporate ladder and surviving the cutthroat competition just to aim goals.  Actually,  all these are just excuses. If we wanted to really change our lifestyle and lean towards being healthy, we will definitely find time to do so. In fact, there are a few easy exercises that we can do anywhere, even while working in our office.

herbalife herbalife2 See? We can do all this and it’s so easy and yet we call ourselves “busy””.


A simple chair exercises

p_20161027_121355_ll p_20161027_120232_ll p_20161027_120236_ll

Coach Chapi (not sure if I had the spelling right), shared how important it is to stay fit with a few simple exercises that we can do at home or even in our workplace.


Squats and Push ups

I know I am breaking rules.This is what i’m talking about when I say buffet! Should I say cheat day? Lol.


p_20161027_124952_ll p_20161027_125005_ll p_20161027_115024_ll

As usual, I had a blast with my blogger friends, all wanting to know Herbalife’s advocacy when it comes to healthy lifestyle.

p_20161027_134424_ll p_20161027_130848_bf

With Tin Gonzaga


With Vixy


Wuh Alyssa


p_20161027_132856_llThe popular Herbalife shakes

p_20161027_132840_ll_1 p_20161027_132840_ll p_20161027_132826_ll p_20161027_132820_ll

I’ve been hearing a lot about Herbalife but I haven’t tried their shakes. I tried other protein shakes before but that was the one I bought from a health store that tastes like chalk powder, seriously. abominable!

Got so excited to try Herbalife Strawberry flavor and my taste buds loved it.. It’s really creamy and delicious, not the kind of awful taste I was expecting.

So now you asked? what should I do and how can I start all these healthy lifestyle thing?



1. Dedicate a healthy eating day each week and get colleagues involved in making healthy choices for lunch on this day.

2. Boost water intake to help the body digest food, rid the body of toxins, and help deliver nutrients to the cells. Drink at least eight (8) glasses or two (2) liters of water a day.

3. Have a protein shake combined with non-fat milk and healthy fruit or breakfast. With 20-30 grams of protein and low-fat contents, it can provide the body with all the nutrition it needs to power through the day.

Active Living:

  1. Create a playlist that incorporates upbeat music and play with hourly intervals.
  2. Use Running Apps to keep energized and on-pace during regular runs.
  3. Set a goal to join running competitions to motivate self to sustain an active lifestyle.

p_20161027_141224_bfWith Dr Julian Alvarez Garcia of Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board

Oh and also, I got the chance to ask Dr Julian Alvarez Garcia about how Herbalife shakes can be of big help with my Crossfit training. His advise was to drink the shake after the workout, but he definitely disagree with the Paleo diet.

So now, what I do is during lunch and dinner, I replace my meals with Herbalife shakes and take the multivitamins as well.

I am so grateful that I get to attend this event. Not only does it give me more inspiration to lose weight and stay healthy but also, I realized that we can never be  busy when it comes to improving ones self.

And this is me talking. Believe me and watch my positive transformation.


Here’s my gift from Herbalife

Check out HERBALIFE for interesting information,  tips and recipes for your shakes!

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