PR: Eternal Coin Launch and Token Hub Asia’s 1st Year Anniversary Party

Last 20th October 2016, Thursday people from various industries were gathered at ThePeninsula Manila for its #Applaunchparty2016 and at the same time, it was the 1st year anniversary celebration of Token Hub Asia in our country.


p_20161020_185506_ll p_20161020_192846_ll

Most of the guests arrived at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon for the registration at the Rigodon Ballroom. Everyone came in prepared for the occasion looking all elegant and classy.


The entire hall was filled with excitement as the participants were just busy browsing brochure and comic that tells about Tokenhub and the business. Program started a bit late since the guests were still coming in past 6 o’clock.  Live voice announcement was then heard all over the hall as the event hosts were finally introduced, Gerhard Krysstopher and Rissey Reyes who are both cast members of Hi-5 Philippines and TV commercial models graced this momentous event .

This event won’t be complete without my selfies and photos of the people I met there.

p_20161020_185402_bf p_20161020_202652_bf

With Dr Love Vaswani


With Fuji I-forgot-his-last-name

Right after the presentation, the Eternal Coin was finally unveiled to the public and it is now officially here in the Philippines. Mr. Flor and Ms. Jefferjane Rufo, the Marketing and Events Officer of Token Hub Asia were joined by Mr. Clement Tiong Sii Jie of Eternal Link in Tokyo for the toast of success.

Eternal coin was announced and they were rewarded by coins transferred to them directly on the spot and got even more excited when they found out that these are convertible to cash equivalent!


Got my membership card!

The coolest thing is that I brought home a T-shirt since I registered and installed the app.

Check out TOKENHUB and learn more about the business and how it works!

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