Chef Laudico’s Feast Now opens in Clark, Pampanga

How I just can’t refuse featuring food. Funny how I’m always making excuses for it. I know I have the wrong mindset when it comes to my eating habits and keeping fit. For me, life is really short and why deprive yourself of all these wonderful blessings being bestowed upon us? I am not a glutton and I know gluttony is a sin. The good thing is that I have a physical activity like Crossfit and hopefully by next month I’ll really start going back to the gym for maintenance. I’m not too sure if I’ll continue my Crossfit though since I noticed that the exercises are more concentrated with the lower body like thighs and legs, which I’m kind of disliking the idea of me having big thighs and muscular looking legs. So with that being said, going back to this topic that I need to concentrate on which is food, let me share my experience last Monday with the other bloggers and media people alike. We were invited to Chef Laudico’s Feast in SM, Clark Pampanga to discover the one of a kind culinary cuisine focused on Filipino dishes!


The Chef Laudico’s Feast 


My St Benedict necklace for protection p_20161114_141028_bf_1


Photos of me and Cindy at the Coaster looking so eager to eat

p_20161114_154131_bf p_20161114_154137_bf p_20161114_154219_bf_1

Selfie in the parking lot first

It’s my first time to try Chef Laudico’s  dishes. Since I don’t watch TV, I didn’t know that he’s one of the Celebrity chefs in our country, including his wife Chef Jacqui. I listened intently while they were sharing their experiences and how they make their dishes this awfully good.  The concept of Chef Laudico’s Feast focused on Filipinos experiencing the traditional fiesta on each dishes with food carefully prepared. Their recipes don’t have any artificial flavorings, msg and flavors are enhanced without shortcuts.

p_20161114_161516_llChef Laudico and Chef Jacqui

p_20161114_160355_ll p_20161114_155937_ll p_20161114_155213_ll

This is the newest buffet in the Philippines particularly in the North area where you get to enjoy the food with ingredients freshly prepared and only using natural and organic vegetables and fruits all thrown in a recipe. Flavors were invented by their ancestors. The ambiance is also homey. The ceilings are designed with Banderas from fiestas and walls with banig concept.


As we were all seated to prepare tasting the dishes, I was feeling really hungry since I didn’t eat my breakfast and my lunch to prepare for this event. I am not one of those people who can try all these food and ddevour themwithout so much as a burp. So to make the most of it, I came in with an empty stomach.

So prepare your mouths to water, this is gonna be food photo overload!

p_20161114_163747_ll p_20161114_163833_ll p_20161114_163856_ll

I only had each of these about a piece or two. I planned to try all 100 dishes prepared by these chefs.

p_20161114_170118_llp_20161114_170311_llThis Kare Kare is made of real toasted peanuts unlike others where they use peanut butter. 
p_20161114_164528_ll p_20161114_164533_ll p_20161114_164541_ll


The Angus Beef is one of their recommended dishes. I’ve put heaps of them on my plate.  The beef is so tender and I can taste each flavors slowly dissipating in my tongue. p_20161114_170423_llI don’t really eat Lechon but if it’s Cebu Lechon, count me in! The outer skin is so crispy. Loaded some of them on my plate too.


Ooooh. My favorite Bistek Tagalog which reminds me of my childhood days. My mom always cook this at home., but their version is so much better. They don’t use the branded soy sauce being sold in the market. All natural soy sauce where they have to get soya beans, grind them and extract the sauce I guess. 



I did the wrong strategy because I started out  with the meat. . I should’ve tried the seafood  first so by the time that I saw these shrimps and crabs, I was quite full already.  I ended up getting only 3 pieces of the shrimps and a crab.


I told myself a few days before after starting my Crossfit that I will only eat salads whenever i’ll attend my events but I ate what I said. I cannot really help it. Who can resist the aroma of good food? Plus the fact that everything is free, while others pay for good food and others starving and begging just to have something to eat.

p_20161114_165355_ll p_20161114_165344_ll

For vegetarians, you can indulge with these fruits and salads and I can assure you all these are plucked fresh from the garden!

Now, the main highlight of this event (for me that is.) are the desserts!!!


p_20161114_164617_ll p_20161114_164624_llp_20161114_165704_ll

Tried all of em really. Stuffing all of them in my mouth feels like heaven! Lol.  p_20161114_165653_ll

I also tried their soft-served ice cream although because I am so much busy eating all these desserts, I forgot to take a picture of it.


Sir Ver Garcia and Chef Laudico.  Looking so dashing Sir Ver! Thanks for the fun interview I did with you in Facebook Live!  You are the Star! 

 Me and Chef Laudico. I dig your glasses sir!


Me and Macy smoked 2 sticks of cigarettes because we were so bloated! 

Since Clark Pampanga is near Metro Manila, it’s easier for us to drop by SM Clark to experience their delectable dishes. Pampanga is known for the Sandbox, Hot Air balloon Festival,  Zoocobia Fun Zoo, and the Kamikaze Airfield. So of course after all these activities, we can always drop by Chef Laudico’s Feast and experience fiesta on each delectable dishes. You’ll definitely forget you’re on a diet!

Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without pabaons from Chef Lau and Chef Jacqui. I super love the Artisan Chocolates!!!!

p_20161114_231044_ll p_20161114_231126_ll


And then the wine Cabernet Sauvignon got me feeling really heady and felt relaxed that I listened to Coldplay afterwards! 

Chef Laudico’s Feast rates are as follows:

Lunch rates on Mondays to Fridays

Adults:  499.00
Kids: 249.00

Dinner rates on Mondays to Fridays

Adults:  599.00
Kids (:299.00

Weekends and Holidays
Adults: 699.00
Kids: 349.00




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