Hey Sugar Eyelash Perm review

Last month I was invited by Hey Sugar to try out one of their services.  After checking their menu, , I was quite having a hard time choosing which services to get because most of the offers are waxing for underarms, bikini waxing, face waxing and all sorts of waxing you can think of. Well, I don’t think that would be applicable to me because I was blessed with having fine hairs on my body.  The hairs on my underarms and legs are so fine you wouldn’t really feel them or see them. So I decided to just have the Eyelash Perming.  The downside of having fine hair is that my lashes are barely distinguishable so I need to make it somehow visible.



p_20160918_162834_ll p_20160918_163736_ll

So they had me lie down on their bed to start the process. It’s my first time so I was kind of nervous like I feel I’m about to have an operation or something.


Turns out the procedure was so easy and quick. They put some conditioner of some sort in my lashes, then wrapped them in a foil. See how weird looking I was but hey sugar, I need this to beautify my eyes.


Bloated ugly face haha


14450019_10210998037253764_7315929076028410527_nWaaah so unpretty. Lol



I know you can barely see it.

I lost my other photo with my fluttery eyelashes. But again, its really neat and  I am looking so pretty with the help of the perming. All it takes is a good thick mascara and I’m off to ramp the walkway! Char.

Check out Hey Sugar website: http://heysugar.com.ph/ and see the list of stores

Also like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heysugarwaxingph/

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