A life Changing Event: 3 Day Bootcamp in Antipolo


It’s been a year since the last time I got locked up in a relationship. I mean this literally. That feeling wherein both hands are tied up and you wanted to reach something, like that glass of water sitting on that bedside table, mocking you to drink it.  It’s the thirst that you crave and that urge to satisfy, however, someone tied up your hands. That was the feeling I had. You just can’t do anything. Reaching your goals is hopeless when you had that person right there with you but doesn’t really want to walk the same path as yours.  You both wanted to reach a certain destination but the other person seems stuck in a certain spot and too scared to move and trudge the road that he thinks will lead to nowhere.

I was left with no choice but move forward…without that person beside me.

And I can say that’s the biggest detour of my life.

People tend to lose that courage when stumbled upon a roadblock.  There may be a lot of reasons for this. It could be lacking patience,  or that dreadful sickness called laziness, resulting in finding shortcuts just to get to that desired destinations.

This 3 day Bootcamp had given me such realizations that I need to do something about my future and make that wiser move. An alternative fallback can be really helpful too when it comes to decision making. Honestly, I am the “Live in the now” kind of person.  Carrying the Eckhart Tolle philosophy all throughout. Worrying can steal your youth. I have a hard stiff neck to my past and for me, future is nonexistent because you create yours while you are at the present moment. However, I came to realize that you can actually hold that principle, along with smart planning decisions and being ready emotionally when DETOUR happens. Fewer expectations can save you from being miserable.

Propel MEntorship Propel MEntorship

This 3 day Bootcamp retreat is totally unplanned.  Last Friday, I was at the Lenovo event in Greenbelt and Shirley Jutie, the Chief Operating Officer of Propel Mentoring Partnership texted me and informed that I can join as a replacement because someone left and can’t finish the 3 Day Bootcamp.  The invitation was given to me Thursday night but since the slots are full, I was told I cannot go.  Funny thing is that I only brought my gym clothes with me since I was supposed to go to Fitness First after the event but little did I know I’ll end up heading in Antipolo to attend the Bootcamp!


Me and Sol (a friend of our group VC) arrived in  Antipolo around 10 pm already. You had no idea how dreadful the traffic was along Marcos Highway although it came out as an adventure because that was the first time I  experienced riding the jeepney sitting in the middle with all the passengers staring at us, probably thinking we’re crazies. We were left with no other choice or else we’ll be stuck waiting for hours. Upon arriving there, we  settled in and took a rest for the evening coz the group already finished their activities


Me and Rissa, another blogger friend

p_20161118_215900_bf p_20161118_215724_nt


There are house rules during Bootcamp and part of the rule is lights out at 10pm We can’t really sleep. That’s the thing with me whenever I’m not in the comforts of my home,  So me and Rizza ended up fooling around with makeup and breaking the rule, which explains all these selfie photos.  🙂


This is the most interesting part of the 3 Day Bootcamp. It’s what I’ve been looking forward to aside from meeting these new participants.

Each speaker carries that inspiring story with them that everyone can relate to.and aiming for one vision—Persevere and be positive with God as your guide. I have picked out my inspirational role models among the 7 speakers that really made an impact on me.

The first speaker had me feeling so inspired by the core of my soul. I can see how strong she is and a fighter. She didn’t give up wanting a meaningful and structured life for her son who is diagnosed with Autism.


Rachel Harrison, Founder of Zambawood Lucury Beach Resort

Rachel Harrison is a mom to Julyan, who was diagnosed with Autism. The wonders of being a mother can really move mountains.  She was able to unravel Julyan’s talents through faith and perseverance. It’s amazing how Julyan can do a lot o things despite his condition—from cooking delicious organic recipes, surfing, riding the ATV and farming  I cannot help but get teary-eyed while she was telling her story to all of us.  It all started with her dreams of giving Julyan a normal life and because of that, Zambawood came into existence—a place built for his son.


With Mr David Lim, founder of Myphone Cellphone Company

The second speaker Mr. David Lim, shared his struggles putting up a business and competing with the “giants”. His aim is to promote pride and dignity for Filipinos and that’s what separates Myphone from any other brand out there. What really made me inspired about this man is that he is such a risk taker. I actually did my own research about him and I found out that his father manufactures cellphones in China called “Amoy Solid”. The name sounded so funny that nobody wanted to buy the phone, but because he’s such a  strategist,  he told his dad he can market the phone but they had to change the name so they change it to Myphone. Ideas can turn into great fortunes really.

He also mentioned about this Confusion Philosophy which means that if you have someone wanting to put you down, confuse your enemy. I guess this will depend on how a person perceives this little advice but to me, it just means that there are other ways to bring down your opponent and it doesn’t have to be out of anger all the time. I get his gist and I think that’s a pretty smart advice.


With Anthony Pangilinan

The third among my favorites is Mr. Anthony Pangilinan, another motivational speaker. I love how animated he presents his talk in front of a small crowd.  He made the atmosphere lighter with his humor while sharing motivational insights  He said that everyone is a leader and that’s true. Leadership is dis-positional,, meaning if you can influence someone, that in itself is leadership. 


We woke up to a cold, damp morning. I was feeling really positive and in high spirits. We only had 2 more speakers and I was so curious about Ms. Mary Jane Vega because I heard she was a cancer survivor twice. We have another strong woman here and I am looking forward to hearing about her story.


With Ms. Mary Jane Vega

Mary Jane Vega’s positivity and high energy made us feeling alive as well that I had to sit properly straight and listen intently as she launches into her emotional talk about disappointments, surviving cancer and still holding on despite all these sudden detours in her life. That road led her to inspire everyone to fight and never get disappointed with what life throws at us because more often, it is being disguised as blessings.  God is the only one who knows what’s best so that even if you try your very hardest to get that thing you want if it’s not God’s will, it wouldn’t happen.


With Flip Ruby, Country HR Head, Head of Human Resources of ZALORA Philippines

This man is a go-getter, always on a hustle and obviously a logical thinker.  A typical millennial with a lot of vision to inspire young people to reach their dreams especially those who struggle from cutthroat competitions happening to a young professional in the corporate world.  He shared his several failed relationships that eventually lead him to find the one for him and at the same time a very promising career with ZALORA.

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I have learned so much from all of them. God is giving me connections to great people that would inspire me to move forward, be brave and face each detour in our lives. Until now, I am on a journey, still seeking for what my purpose is and still finding that faith I can cling to until the day I will have my last breath. Faith and a belief system are important. It gives you a sense of connection with the world and helps to battle the punches, the kicks and the little slaps life is giving us. It is the reality. We cannot live in a fabricated world. We need to take advantage of everything we have around us and learn from them. The people we meet, the books we read, the life challenges we encounter—all these things are shaping us to be a better person.

And that’s what I am aiming for every day.

I would like to personally thank Shirley Jutie and my good blogger friend  David Valencia Ferro because if it wouldn’t be for them, I wouldn’t really meet all these speakers. Words are really powerful and it’s amazing how these simple sharing of stories can, in fact, help shape you to become a better person and lead you toward reaching your dreams, no matter how many detours you encounter.


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