Celebrating my Independence!

I am celebrating my independence this month.  It’s been a year since the biggest detour of my life. The freedom and this solo thing are so addicting. I felt so powerful. Its like I can battle everything that comes my way. My life changed just like that and I was transported to a different planet and I am living this new world as a different person. A more stronger, smarter and more beautiful version of me.

The good thing about being the master of your own self is that you can do anything you want and no one dictates your every move.  You get to learn a lot of things and meet interesting people. In fact, since I became single I started going out on dates but nothing really serious. Geez I deserve this freedom and dating is just so fun. I met a lot of guys and through that I learned how their mind works. I also learned to distinguish douchebags and a-holes too. So before they make that first wrong move, I ignore and give them the disappearing act.

I  learned to run errands alone, like pay the bills and grocery shopping. I also learned to go to the movies alone and go to dance clubs alone. It was so unbelievable. I’ve been so dependent on people for such a long time that I am amazed at myself I was able to do it!

Now just to test this bravery thing and since I wanted to be that Wonderwoman-kind-of-a-mother thing,  I started traveling alone. I am taking this one step at a time. It takes guts to do this you know, and not to mention budget as well. Since I live from the South, I wanted to try the North and see if it will work for me.


I was pretty confident to travel solo here only because I got a bit familiar with the place ever since the Azalea Baguio 3 days-stay for bloggers. The travel was easy peasy and I only have 5k in my pocket that time. I went to La Trinidad for a change of scenery. All people often go to popular tourists spots like Burnham Park, Minesview Park, artists cafes and the ukay ukays. but I feel like going for a swim. So during the bus trip going there, I met this local who lives in La Trinidad and she suggested a place that’s not known for most tourists.  Its a river tucked hidden somewhere in the mountains of La Trinidad.


The lady I met in the bus gave me some directions on how to go there   The first day I arrived in Baguio I went straight to their Public library and killed some hours before finally retiring in my transient room that costs 350 a night which was located in Magsaysay road.

I traveled going to that said river the next day.

The road going to the hidden river was very rough and steep and I had to wait for hours for the jeepney. The view is so nice and I love the fresh cool breeze caressing my tired face. I suffered insomnia that night so I was lacking sleep and my bloodshot eyes tried their very best to stay open.

After the bumpy ride, I finally arrived at the location that the woman told me about. The place looked so quiet and I got scared for a minute because I was thinking of snakes, and someone can easily rape me here.  Luckily,  there’s this kid who’s so nice that he accompanied me going; down to the direction of the river. It was actually at the foot of the hill so we had to climb down this tiny rocky road leading to the gushing water sounds I heard from the distance.

We are the only people there. The kid said that not everyone knows the place that’s why he was surprised that someone like me from Manila was able to discover it.

13244775_10209911759177491_7951148515856128639_n 13265901_10209911758297469_4578583518321728662_n

The quietness moved me so much that I asked the kid he can now leave and assured him that I know my way back. Although he warned me not to walk too far coz I might get lost and the river could get deeper and no one will save me if I drown. So after taking a photo of me sitting on a rock, he finally left me…along with my thoughts.

13237766_10209911757537450_5641287170946741885_n 13254375_10209911757217442_3617770519867977468_n

I dipped my feet into the cold clear water while thinking deeply and inhaling the fresh scent of afternoon air. The only sounds I heard were the birds chirping and a crying monkey from a distance.  I am so relaxed to the point of sleeping.

So I spend the whole afternoon swimming alone, had my mini picnic alone and played songs on my phone and did some reading too. The world is so great and God is just awesome. He has this way of making you feel that no matter what difficulties you’re facing, he makes you feel his presence. And for me, I feel his presence through nature around me.

So that was my first trip alone.  And I promised myself since then that I will do this more often. It’s never too late. I feel like I’m on that stage where I am reclaiming the youth stolen by early marriage.


And I can feel that this is just the start of my long journey.













2 thoughts on “Celebrating my Independence!

  1. What an inspiring post. I’ve never travelled alone before but its something I would love to do especially this coming 2017. I hope you get to share more solo travels soon. Enjoy!


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