Another solo trip: Residence Inn Tagaytay 

It was All Saint’s Day when I had the chance to spend the night alone in a hotel. My brother, his girlfriend, and my 2 kids were in Batangas and I didn’t go with them because I would feel really uncomfortable being in the car with my bro. We had this terrible fight and until now we aren’t talking to each other. I tried reaching out to him but he refused to speak to me. I guess we both needed time to forget the incident and I’m still hoping we could resolve the issue as early as possible. We may never know what could happen to us.and for all we know we could wake up the next morning and BAM!

Life often gives surprises that can throw us off guard so as much as possible, we need to make amends with the people we had misunderstandings with. I just don’t want someone hating me forever especially from someone very dear to me, like my brother.

It’s actually difficult for me to spend the night alone in our house. I’ve become sensitive to spiritual entities and someone died in my brother’s room due to suicide. It’s so creepy because I can definitely sense this spirit especially when I’m alone. So to cut this silly hallucination of a story short, I decided to book a room and stay for a night in Tagaytay, my safe haven.

The cool thing about traveling alone is the random people you see on your way. I rode the bus going to Residence Inn and there I am, feeling so sleepy because I only had a few hours of shut-eye.


Cherry bells

I don’t make fun of people especially when it comes to appearances. I am not perfect and I believe that there’s always something beautiful about each person. However, these bald-headed guys caught my attention. It’s sorta like a reflector. The afternoon rays of the sun hit their shiny heads causing them to stand out from all the other heads out there. I was sitting at the very back of the bus so I get to witness the comings and goings of the people inside and the peanut vendors and the water and C2 vendors as well. Sorry everyone but I am telling the truth and here’s my proof. Lol



I arrived at the Residence Inn around 1:00pm and got settled in, threw my backpack on the bed then went outside at the balcony and savored the cool afternoon air and the nice breathtaking view of the Taal Lake.


I got a good look around the room and I can say it’s pretty neat don’t you think? I mean, for a 3k room, it fits my expectations. It’s cozy enough—with heaters, air conditioner, a basic colored TV, cute animal printed bedspread and pillowcases that surprisingly matched my shirt. There;’s a comfy couch and a fridge for storing drinks and food. Furniture like the bed stand, bedside tables, and dining table are made of bamboo.

p_20161101_135915_ll.jpg p_20161101_135856_ll.jpg p_20161101_135901_ll.jpg p_20161101_132649_ll.jpg wp-image-362649376jpg.jpeg


Like a Donya. Haha14906931_10211388067884286_5799125456500850806_n

I wasn’t feeling hungry so I took a few minutes rest first, then decided to explore the zoo.

p_20161101_155117_ll.jpg p_20161101_155133_ll.jpg p_20161101_155148_ll.jpg wp-image-971792567jpg.jpeg wp-image-2136950862jpg.jpeg p_20161101_155249_ll.jpg p_20161101_155306_ll.jpg wp-image-1514934090jpg.jpeg wp-image-1908724599jpg.jpeg

So many random zoo animals. I was wishing my kids are with see these animals but I thought they need to be there as my representative. My dad’s gonna be pissed I’m sure coz I didn’t pay him a visit.

wp-image-531216642jpg.jpeg wp-image-836550311jpg.jpeg

I should put this on my Facebook cover photo. Lol

After zoo exploring like a kid on a field trip, I returned to my room and decided to read a book. I always make it a point to read every day to stimulate my brain. This helps keep my mind from being idle. For me, I’d rather read than watch TV. Most shows are full of crap and news tend to be scary and exaggerated anyway. When I read, I feel like my soul is flying elsewhere and transporting from a different time and place. So I was absorbed in my novel for about 2 hours I think and afterward, decided to start my drinking session with my silly self. The night is too early so I went out to buy a couple of Red Horse beer,  a San Mig Mucho, cheap Pal Mal cigarettes and some chips from Ministop located at the Mendez Market.


Toast for Independence!

You know what’s awesome about this alone thing? You become really imaginative. You may call me weird or crazy but really, it works because it gives you this sense of power and you feel like you can conquer anything. I was really having the time of my life and it’s only 8pm. Turned up my hip-hop music on my phone really loud not even caring if my phone speaker will explode. I was so into it that I was dancing and rapping like a ghetto with the tune of Ignition. Damn. I was partying with the souls. I can feel them watching me while I was there holding my bottle of Red Horse, smoking and bobbing my head like a fool. Haha.

I was thinking a lot and recalling scenes from my past and these are mostly good memories, not the emotional shitty ones. Being alone tends you to think no matter how hard you try not to. Even if you command your subconscious to stop the thinking, you cannot control it, like an arrow from a compass. It still directs you to somewhere. The problem with the arrow on my head is that it points my brain to some kinky thoughts. (oh geez. It’s normal come on). I’m sure if you’re in my shoes you’d be imagining Christian Grey too.

See? my point is, if you do this once or twice in your life, you’ll overcome your fear of being alone. You’ll be braver than Wonderwoman. You’ll feel more smarter and you won’t be too dependent on anyone. You get to be resourceful too and make friends with random strangers. I love meeting people from all walks of life and it really helps because you become a better version of you. So if I were you, try to travel alone. Take it one step at a time. As soon as you’ve done it let me know and share your story will yah? Tell me how it feels and tell me if I’m right or if I’m really right?


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