The Launch of Dots & Pixels at the Mega Fashion Hall



I am running  out of business cards already and I am actually planning to make new ones or have them made at a printing shop somewhere but I keep on forgetting it because I was so busy with events lately. Also, I wanted to make my business card more creative rather than settling for the basics. I have a lot of designs in mind and I’m planning to put a logo of a Cherry Bells flower on it. The event that I was invited to last Sunday reminded me to get new business cards. The awesome thing about this printing studio is that the services they offer are totally not the usual kind you’d find at a random printing shop out there. Where can you find  a printing studio that uses this huge high-end UV printer from Fujifilm and no other printing studio are using  this as far as I know

Christmas is almost near and have you ever thought of what stuff you can give as gifts? I think this is now the time to be creative.  Also, does your company need something unique for souvenirs? Trust me on this because Dots and Pixels will be the lifesaver to your dilemma. Or how about planning to change the wallpaper in your room and turn it into an Instagram inspired photo wall? That’s easy peasy for they have talented and creative artists  to help you achieve the perfect concept you want.


The Fujifilm Acuity LED printer  

Here are the following services they offer so you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about.

15170836_10211641771666722_3599865458680689982_n 15202566_10211641758466392_2011713493315435482_n 15230730_10211641757786375_6578445535031770600_n

Totally awesome don’t you think? When I saw this list I have all these ideas in my head and I automatically thought of Zoey. I have been boasting this handmade journal that my eldest daughter made out of a cereal box and we are actually planning to make a business out of it. Just in time really because I am confident that Dots and Pixels can help us with ideas and polish up my daughter’s journal so it would look neat and presentable when sold to the people. The journal is handmade but Zoey knows the process of bookbinding and the things that her journals would need are high-grade papers, some pressing here and there maybe, and a bit of consulting with these experts and  I think it would be good to go.


The handmade journal made out of a cereal box by Zoey 

They have laid samples of their work in the newly opened studio like ads, cards, stickers and wallpaper samples too.

15219470_10211641754506293_1842454242411296778_n 15232304_10211641753266262_6494284133038107074_n

Dots and Pixels believe that you can satisfy a customer through quality outputs. If someone requests to have a customized banner, they won’t have to worry about waiting too long because the turnover is fast. They have very efficient and reliable artists who make sure that the expectations are met, without suffering quality.


I met Ms. Jenny Villanueva, owner of Apvil Graphics Industry and Dots and Pixels. Apvil Graphics have 3 branches in SM outlets and all are located in the parking area. Then, they decided to come up with  Dots and Pixels, the only Studio located inside the SM mall. Their main target market are corporate companies, and those who want high quality service.  The business has its very touching and inspiring story behind it.  She decided to put up this business for her daughter and I love how they always put God in all they do. It was my first time to attend a flagship store opening that has a prayer ceremony. Other establishments only do the ribbon cutting and that’s it. I am positive this business will more than prosper.

15241975_10211641765306563_3872141076066075144_n 15220055_10211641766186585_7016119045683844052_n

A God-centered family that’s why the business is so blessed.

15202781_10211641766786600_6604355430039397150_n 15178100_10211641762066482_4616751826954862734_n

Ribbon cutting 

It was her daughter Jhing Jhing, as what they call her who came up with the name Dots and Pixels. She’s graphic designer, illustrator and multimedia artist and her works are just astounding.  I saw her Instagram feed and can’t help but browse through all her photos.


15203236_10211641754786300_1336692003167619551_n 15203343_10211644114205284_452209402610062637_n


Look at these quality photos. I swear I actually squealed with delight! They used high grade ink for this and even the paper isn’t the usual photo paper you see from other printing studios.

Visit their store at the 5th floor SM Mega Fashion Hall near the Ice skating rink.

Follow their Facebook page Dots & Pixels

Follow Instagram:  @Dotsandpixelsph

Call 0998 861 5907


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