Triple K soon on Channel Hue

All the people have been spending their freaking time online and I admit I’m one of those digital freaks.  I don’t often watch TV and I’m quite selective with the shows I’m watching. There are so many crappy and nonsense shows you see nowadays and even some of the news on TV makes me cringe and spit with disgust. they’re just so full of negativity, crime, morbid videos and exaggerated stories that sometimes, you don’t know if it’s even true anymore.

Well, the good news is that there are still some intellectual and interesting shows we can watch and it’s coming very soon. These shows are for people who love inspirational real-life stories, art, culture, good food and shows that are brain stimulating.

One of the shows to look forward to is Triple K. 

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It’s a three-segment show (Kalye, Kusina at Kulinaria)  that features Review, Travel, Culture, History, Flavors, and Versions of food.


KALYE (STREET SMARTS) –Segment host Peru Morena will go around the streets of the featured cities/provinces to discover and feature food found in street stores.

KUSINA (KITCHENETTES)- Main host Prince De Guzman with Reyna ng Kusina Tita Bernie Rojas Fontanilla, stays at the kitchen of the featured restaurant’s specialty of the house and talks about the history and culture of the food.

KULINARYA (CULINARY VERSIONS/CHALLENGES)-Segment host Drew Buenviaje along with the Tikemey Divas will challenge a Karinderia owners/culinary institution/culinary student/celebrity to do a version of the feature of street food to gourmet on their own version.(judge/critic).

It’s not a typical show compared to other “reality cooking shows” that people usually watch on famous channels out there. The concept has been well thought of.and I am so much intrigued by the outcome of the audience reactions and responses as soon as this show is aired.








Very creative costumes too with their superhero aprons. I am so much impressed with Mr. Ador Villanueva, Concept and Show Director for Triple K that he brilliantly created this very interactive reality-based program that I’m sure all the people will love. Why? because it speaks to the heart of the Filipinos. A program that all of us can learn especially with food and cooking.


The press launch was held at Bernie’s Kitchen located in Cavite City. Mrs. Bernie didn’t study culinary but as they say, you don’t need to be a chef to be a good cook. she’s your traditional mother who cooks her food showered with love, and that’s why all the food served to us are just so delicious especially the Bihong Pusit and the Tamales.




Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Bihon, Bihong Pusit, Tamales, Pandesal na may Kesong Puti

Aside from the introductions of the cast of Triple K, they also introduced Edwin Nombre Pamañan,  an independent actor and the founder of True Manila—wherein its mission is to ensure that street children and their families have their basic needs met, focusing on food, housing, and education. He shared his heartwarming story on how it all started with him feeding a kid every day. Edwin was a homeless child who was helped by a foreign family when they visited Manila during the 1980’s. Throughout their time in the city and along their many visits, they kept feeding and spending time with Edwin, making him feel loved and building a very special bond with him. Eventually, they were unable to continue visiting on such a consistent basis, so they decided to keep supporting him emotionally and financially from the US by sending him letters and money. This family instilled a belief in Edwin that anything was possible. They awoke a spark within him to pass the torch, to continue the generous work that they had started. They fed his passion to help the ones in need.



This family is, therefore, the reason why True Manila exists, the motivation for Edwin to keep doing to others what was done to him: to be treated with love and respect, to be fed and to be given the opportunity to go to school.

Currently, Edwin resides in the same community in Manila, surrounded by those who he supports with the assistance of different volunteers (both local and foreign). Together they make sure action is taken to fight this ongoing crisis. Donations are received and distributed with equity as a priority so that the different projects succeed.


A funny stolen shot of Tin Gonzaga. He doesn’t want to have a selfie with me. LOL

We also met Mr. Craig Lines, Creative Consultant and prime-time director of Channel Hue. Also a double BAFTA and Royal Television Society award-winning director with 22 years experience in all kinds of filmmaking, mainly directing award-winning Prime-time British television drama series and writing, producing and directing many medium length and short films, which have had theatrical releases.


With Craig Lines

Channel Hue is a new one-of-a-kind cable station in the Philippines which is utilizing both local and International talents aims to be the best. International standards meet the local market in a way we’ve never seen before.

Fashion exposure, lifestyle insight, drama indulgence all encompass the channel as does the passion, talent and raw vision behind the Channel hue creative team.

Here are the lists of other shows to watch out for:


International Choreographer and Model Justin Jarrett find inspiration in fashion, dance, culture, and people. A captivating magazine show which will grip the audiences through real-life stories, challenges, and lifestyle to help people find their inner hue and inspire confidence.


Its a documentary behind the scenes of a very powerful and controversial new book dealing with the heartbreaking stories of couples whoa re different.


A sexy talk show with a twist: Romance, rituals, and relationships. all feature in this down to earth and intimate look with celebrities personal lives,. It comes in a  three electrifying part that will truly melt your heart and keep it pumping hard.


Is about the empowerment and personal stories of single mothers, exploring their lives and loves, experiences, choices, mistakes, forgiveness and letting go.


Channel Hue will proudly be showing International features and short films—including world premieres.


A fascinating insight into the private and public persona of a Major Property Developer. A six-month documentary exploring the ins and outs, struggles and triumphs of Raising the Roof of a new housing development from start to finish.


A major new disturbing DRAMA series where a Fallen Angel delivers retribution on behalf of those who simply ask. Be careful what you wish for.


A show for children aiming to inform, educate and entertain (youth-oriented show)


Is the first episode in a series of adventures hosted by celebrity model Tri Garcia, heading for a lunch date when her car breaks down and she is forced to make her own way to her rendezvous, but it seems as though fate is conspiring to stop her! Watch out for more of the story.


A psychological thriller, not a zombie story, a postmodern translation of mutation by infection, delivered upon people from a forgotten tow. And its a story of love lost in the dialogue between infected and normal beings. Blood will be shed.


A revelation in dance and travel as our hosts travel the world exploring dance, culture, and life,. There’s a big wide world to explore, and we encourage you to join us on our journey and maybe travel your own life-changing experience.

I can’ wait for these shows to be aired on cable TV soon. Now this is what I call TV shows with substance.

Check out Channel Hue’s Facebook page CHANNEL HUE 

and Facebook page of TRIPLE K: 

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