A very Interesting Tour at Paradizoo

Whenever I attend events, I make sure that I get to learn something interesting from it. The media tokens are just a plus but the possible things you can learn  are priceless, not to mention the interesting people you’ll meet as well. Yesterday, I was invited at the ribbon cutting of Mr Yupangco’s farms inside the Paradizoo.

p_20170121_101718 p_20170121_102131 p_20170121_102434

It was a typical tour with a few briefing and introduction of the Power Of Three ((floral,  vegetable and agri-livestock festival) which happens  from January to March 17. As you all know, I love nature so much. The morning air felt so cool and relaxing despite the heat of the sun.  We each admired the flowers, the vegetables that the farmers have planted and all the adorable animals that roamed around the farm. .

The Flower Garden 

p_20170121_101348 p_20170121_101352My dearest habbibi Vixie. 

I feel like I’m in Bali!

p_20170121_101434 p_20170121_101441 p_20170121_101534

You know, this place kind of resembles the Miracle Garden in Dubai. Although they don’t have all these pretty gigantic heart-shaped sculpted flowers but in all honesty, this place is a paradise.

16114746_10212237778086510_2929434667770668602_n 15976988_10212237765046184_8949604191503125760_n

An interesting fact:

Did you know that you can attract butterflies through female urine? All you need to do is mix flower petals with female urine on a basin of water and ferment it for 3 days. You’ll be surprised a lot of butterflies will be swarming on it. A fact I learned through chit chatting with a very intelligent Mr Yupangco who owns the Paradizoo, Residence Inn, Zoobic Safari and all Zoomanity theme parks in the country.

This pot of flowers smells like…..uhm, urine? LOL.

p_20170121_140938 p_20170121_140949

So many Bonsai!

p_20170121_141805 p_20170121_141807

16114939_10212247687214232_6745817203677055753_n 16142192_10212247688134255_6417504325393328039_n

I was so inspired by this tree that I created a poem for it.



One by one, they have swept away and blown by the wind. Each day, I grasped desperately.
Trying to recall the memory

I try. I fail. I try again.

I know her face. I know her voice. I’m not sure and I violently shake my head.
I feel like I’m long dead.

I cannot utter these names. All a jumble of mess. It looks like chaos,
All shouting. Too loud like a thunderstorm.

He yells. He screams. He lost all dreams.
He is standing tall and still.
Nothing remains.


Vegetable Garden 


Hydroponics farming is a method of growing plants in nutrient solutions. They are being grown without soil.




A lot of adorable animals. I love to take home this cute donkey.



16176408_10210121279406725_2140773757_nFed some chickens


 You might be interested in buying all organic products like the Vegetable and Fruit Wash.


p_20170121_111715 p_20170121_112755

There’s this amazing fact about apples. I didn’t know that the reason why an apple is shiny is that it is coated in wax! I have been eating an apple and sometimes I don’t wash it especially if I’m too hungry. Little did I know I am also eating wax from it.  However, after doing a bit of research about these wax coating, I learned that the wax coated on apples to make them shiny is called shellac- is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It is processed and sold as dry flakes and dissolved in ethanol to make liquid shellac, as per Google.


Other products you might want to try that they are promoting as well

p_20170121_115437 p_20170121_115443

Paradizoo also offers an accommodation for family and for solo travelers. I like this room with its very barn-like feel and definitely much Filipino at the same time with the banig concept.


If you are a traveler of 4,  you may also book this nice trailer room. Small but cozy and only costs less than a thousand peso.


PARADIZOO, one of Zoomanity Group parks, re-unfolds Power of Three (floral,  vegetable and agri-livestock festival) from January to March 17. This event aims to promote inclusive growth in the field of agriculture.—inviting over 20,000 students, farmers and other public and private sectors to focus and understand the benefits of growing agricultural sector in the country.

For three months, Paradizoo offers FREE Agriculture education to all. Free seminar on flower, vegetable, and livestock care will be given by different well-known educators and speakers of the agricultural sector, including senator Cynthia Villar, and Mr. Vergel Formaran of Calata Group Inc on Feb 4.

Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is a 12-hectare theme park that offers a combination of Paradise and Zoo that is uniquely relaxing and entertaining. It’s a perfect destination for pleasure, learning and healthy living.

Paradizoo applies the best practices in Agriculture especially in farming like vermiculture, bokashi soil, hydroponics and putting up compost pits. They also observe balance ecosystem by maintaining a natural habitat among animals and plants. Here you will learn more about agriculture, different farm animals and products you may produce.

One of the favorite attraction in Paradizoo is the Farm Frenzy, an area where guests can cuddle and buy some animals such as rabbits, hamsters and lovebirds. They also have a collection of Dorper Sheep, Boer, Kalahari, and Saanen dairy goats. Rusa and Turkeys from Australia which is also available for sale. In Plant Me Home area, guests may also select and pick vegetables from garden plots to take home. For those who love veggies, take a look at their Bahay Kubo and identify the 17 vegetables included in the said song. And if you have a very keen eye for beauty and flowers, have a glimpse of the Orchidarium and Eclectic Garden.

Other Paradizoo’s very interesting attractions are Meditation Garden, Wedding Pavilion, and Boot Camp. You can also try their latest attraction like the CAmel Ride and Zing Ride, a unique air ride that is a combination of zip line and a swing.

To experience this eco- journey, you may contact them at 847-0413

Check out their Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/zoomanitygroup

and their website: http://www.zoomanity.com.ph






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