How I solve obstacles and challenges 

​I’m not a perfect human being but this is just me sharing something that could probably help you solve difficult situations. All of us here goes through a certain phase., I treat each obstacle as a challenge. It’s normal to feel negative emotions like hopelesness, anger and giving up. Whenever I feel like I’m about to explode, I make sure to do the following:
1. Put my phone away, far far away out reach. Why? this is to avoid ranting on We don’t want to spill the gory details of why we are feeling so crappy right? not everyone is interested to know our garbage. We will only end up humiliating ourselves. 🙂
2. I reach for my pen and journal. I write the things that are bugging my chaotic mind.
3. I jot down the problem. Then I write all possible solutions. Like solution A, solution B, or solution C.  Afterwhich, I strategize and pick the one with the help of prayers and gut instinct.  By doing this, it helps to organize your thoughts giving you a clear picture of the solution.
4. I do research and read uplifting books or self help books (to some who don’t like reading, you may watch a feel good inspirational movie, or listen to happy music).
5. I visualize. Focusing on the end result of the solution I picked.
6. I pray and seek guidance to our Higher Source. This is very important  I discovered that praying is really powerful.
7. Have faith and know that problems really fade. Eventually.
This is me having insomnia mind again.
Hope this helps. This isn’t  applicable for skeptics and pessimists. 😉

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