Our Detox Seminar with Raw Vegan Chef Sonia

Detox. It’s a word most people try to dismiss and avoid at all times. It is challenging but rewarding once it’s done.

For most of us, living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult especially if our budget is limited. When I did Bikram yoga a few years back, I must admit I shelled a lot of money just to maintain being healthy as a vegetarian. I buy and cook my own meals every day and sometimes I eat at vegetarian restaurants and you know how costly it is., given the fact that some of the ingredients on their food are being sourced from other countries.

I did a few detox methods like the breathing yoga technique called Sudarshan Kriya, wherein you have to do repetitive breathing exercises, and a few postures that help cleanse your system. And then there’s meditation.  I still do this until now and my favorite is the open-eyed meditation called Raj yoga. Cleansing the mind is also important and it’s part of the detox process.

I ‘was so grateful that I have this opportunity to attend Chef Sonia’s lecture. I’ve learned so much from the topics that I am willing to share them with you.


So since we are talking about detoxifying, let’s define it first.

DETOX-purifying and cleansing one’s body and soul.

Why do we need to detox?

We need to discard unwanted toxins from our body caused by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Allowing negativity in our thoughts are also toxins, so meditating can help us to stay positive at all times.


  1. Food cleanse
  2.  Body cleanse
  3. Mind cleanse

She also discussed some of the benefits of juicing and how it can be powerful in helping heal known diseases.

16508204_10212390838272919_9093704002156709258_n 16508385_10212390837472899_2459603780894177063_n 16508438_10212390836632878_841095504912949001_n 16508978_10212390836472874_32769019398477198_n

16425925_10212390836032863_5629375618416320432_n 16427483_10212390837632903_5989257373547886988_n 16427485_10212390836792882_2865641102214894646_nRaspberry tea of some sort

All these juices taste surprisingly great. Last time I had this detox juices was during our Sun Salutations at Beyond Yoga back in 2014 I think.

16406968_10212390837272894_154203399690970259_n-copyOur light healthy snack

If you feel like going raw and wanting to go vegetarian, or you just want to eat healthily, you may also visit Healthy Eats located inside the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Makati. They have a wide selection of raw, natural ingredients and food choices as well.

15871750_10212390833232793_2479135611774029652_n-copy-copy 16387164_10212390834592827_2598212871635981158_n-copy-copy 16406494_10212390834072814_5469315095537531312_n-copy 16406840_10212390835072839_6449050796173981427_n-copy 16406866_10212390835272844_1338549335004968960_n-copy

16425872_10212390835472849_7470210467993472200_n-copy 16425924_10212390832632778_5247876733226246699_n-copy 16427699_10212390836232868_2967628958091100805_n-copy 16473398_10212390833512800_3217885276938675918_n-copy 16473421_10212390833992812_5853438113965819818_n 16473605_10212390835672854_4200915745245352806_n 16508060_10212390835152841_4032365272702211107_n 16508194_10212390833152791_8210634463220709582_n-copy 16508680_10212390835912860_3993861533566982546_n

What about you? are you into this kind of thing? Detoxing requires maintenance and perseverance. Some people will start for a few weeks or so then will stop abruptly because of various reasons.

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