Yeongyang Hansik: Affordable Korean Food at Madison Commons

I have been suffering from Gastritis for the past few days. With all the food reviews I  attended, it made the case even worse, and not to mention several cups of coffee a day had me suffer in total discomfort. The pain surges from time to time that’s why recently I’ve been carrying medicines and popping them like candies.

But no one can stop me from trying out good food, especially if it’s something Asian, like Korean food!

An awesome affordable Korean Cuisine is located at the Madison Commons Food Park now open to serve Korean dishes that use all natural ingredients sourced directly from Korea.

16730035_764894643686209_1596131479_nYeongyang Hansik

Yeongyang Hansik is located at the far end of the Madison Commons Food  Park–a new place to eat, drink and chill at Kapitolyo, Pasig. The place is simple, just like the usual food parks you see although this one is smaller but it has a lot of interesting foods to try.

The good thing about Yeongyang Hansik is that they are more focused on making their food all natural. They don’t use MSG and they make sure that the fruits and vegetables are free of pesticides.

Starting off with an appetizer of Japchae- a sweet potato starched noodles stir-fried with vegetables and meat.


16299508_10212356836342892_8893811620626607095_nTteokbokki is one of their bestsellers. The gochujang has the right spiciness.

16753971_764894150352925_849556313_nKorean Maki

16736351_764894267019580_52460589_nAwesome All Natural Coolers for only 59 pesos! No sugar. All natural.


16736062_764894197019587_90316005_nKalguksu-A Korean chicken noodle soup.

16736575_764894073686266_1596212029_nBeef Bibimbap served in a clay pot making it fresh and steaming hot.

We were served 3 Bibimbaps and all of them taste delicious but my favorite is the beef one.

16426203_10212356696699401_3978618882314226526_nI actually thought these couple were Koreans but turns out they’re Chinese bloggers. I find them really cute along with their newborn baby.

16754069_764894420352898_848073385_n 16754136_764894557019551_771446151_n

Visit Yeongyang Hansik and try their all-natural affordable Korean dishes. It’s at Madison Commons Food Park, Brixton st. Kapitolyo, Pasig.

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