An affordable All-You-Can eat in Pampanga: Chef Laudico’s Feast

Food can be deadly. I have proved this statement to be true. I was hospitalized for a month and it’s because of eating too much meat with the lack of fruits and vegetables. I suffered from stomach pains for the past couple of months and I’ve been ignoring the symptoms of a gallstone forming in my bile ducts. So I ended up rushing myself to the emergency room last March and had a Gallstone removal surgery.

I remembered I had several food reviews and I think this could also be the main reason for these gallstones sneakily forming without me being aware of it.

The last food review that triggered my excruciating stomach pain is the Grand Launch of Chef Laudico’s Feast at SM Clark. I am definitely not blaming this event because really, their food is super amazingly delicious!  I actually tried all the dishes with no guilt feeling. Guilt was the last thing on my mind. All I ever cared that time is to satisfy my cravings.


I always feel so overwhelmed whenever I see a lot of dishes in front of me. I guess maybe that’s why I’m not a fan of buffets because I have the tendency to lose my appetite if I’m seeing too much food. However, during the event, I decided not to eat breakfast and lunch just to prepare my tummy for stuffing loads of meat.

I did started with the main course without caring too much about appetizers. Here are some of the food I’ve tried.


I had too much of crabs and shrimps because those were the food I seldom eat. But again, I would always look forward to desserts as usual.

Can you believe that all food is prepared with no MSG? Everything is traditionally made without shortcuts. All their ingredients are sourced here in the Philippines and they make sure that everything is fresh, from their vegetables and fruits.

What I love about this celebrity chef couple is that they do their cooking with passion and a lot of love. They are even risk takers knowing that Pampanga is a home of good cooks and there are a lot of competitions around them.

Come visit Chef Laudico’s  Feast at SM Clark Pampanga and experience Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Filipino dishes all served fresh.

Here are their rates:

For weekend lunch, adults pay only 499. For kids it’s only 249

For dinner, adults pay only 599. For kids it’s only 299

For weekends, adults pay only 699. For kids it’s only 349



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