An 80’s concept cafe in Makati: VC Cafe

You’ll find a lot of coffee shops on each and every corner of Makati. From the main road along Ayala up to the most hidden streets of  Salcedo Village.  These cafes are your typical commercialized ones like Starbucks or CBTL and only a few unique themed ones.. If you wanted to try out something different that would remind you of your childhood days (that is if you”re an 80’s kid) a new cafe has just opened to the public. It will definitely bring back old memories.

Venture Capital Cafe just opened a few weeks.  A super awesome hang out for yuppie and students alike. Feel that 80’s vibe while sipping macchiato and enjoying a Napoloeones for desserts. 

There are so many desserts to choose from and the awesome thing is that they have a personal chef who makes them. I can’t get enough of their chocolate mousse cake. Their blueberry yogurt tea is for the win.

The grand opening was a success. Food bloggers, people from the media also attended the said event.
After work should be a time for relaxing and since this is situated in Ayala, it is a perfect meeting place for those who would want to relax and read a book or a manga, play cards or anything they wish to do to unwind.



Check out VC Cafe located at the back of RCBC Plaza at Don Chua Lamko  Building. 100 LP Leviste st corner Dela Costa St, Salcedo Village Makati.

Like their Facebook Page

Open every day from 6am to 12am Midnight.

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