South Girl goes to Dubai!

Leggings (Forever 21)  Top (random finds) White sneakers (Converse) Sunglasses (Rayban) Charlie Chapman backpack (Flea market in Dubai)


With my sister  at Souk Al Bahar


A breeding ground for rich people. Dubai is so beautiful that I literally went speechless as soon as I stepped in tthe airport. All the places look immaculately clean. Everything is so modern that even the parking lot is automated  when you pay for your slot. A driverless Metro as it is programmed in between stops makes everything so easy and convenient to travel. Now I know why so many Filipinos are enjoying their life here. If you are determined and goal driven, youll get rich really quick here.  I met one filipino  who already owns an Aston Martin in just 3 years of working here in Dubai. Amazing isn’t it?

More things to tell about this place soon. In the meantime, I’ll be busy helping my sister for her wedding. I’m still thinking of considering to relocate because this place is just so pretty and full of wonderful opportunities. I’ll keep you posted.






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