Desperate for something green.

I kept thinking about Tagaytay, my favorite place in the Philippines. Whenever i feel sad, happy, or craving for solitude, I make it a point to spend my time either at Pink Sisters or at Brahma Kumaris to meditate, relax or just feel the cool breeze and fresh air. However, here in Dubai, everything is man-made. And right now it’s scorching hot and you can’t even inhale fresh air because it’s mostly humid. Trees aren’t swaying. They just stood there unnaturally frozen. I feel so sad most of the time. I am craving for nature so badly that I don’t have much choice but to visit parks. Don’t get me wrong. I love Dubai and it’s luxury and glamour, but if you are a nature lover like me, the only thing you’ll appreciate in this city is the beach. That is the closest nature feels you can get.

So since I am talking about parks here, I wanted to show you how beautiful they are, even if they are purely unnatural.

Barsha Pond Park 

I love this park so much. There’s a running track for joggers, a pond, basketball court, tennis court and playground for kids. A few benches to sit on if you feel like reading a book,  relaxing or listening to music. My favorite spot here is facing the pond while pigeons try to give you company when lonely. It’s so nice here especially if you feel like wanting solitude and just think and ponder on some things.

Internet City Park

Nothing quite special about this place but there’s a nice small pond too and a few benches to sit on if you feel like blogging or writing something. A perfect place to read as well. It is mostly a hangout for geeks who work there inside Internet City.


Media City Park


Same thing here. People who work inside Media City usually spend their time just relaxing. Perfect place to jog and have picnics.


The Greens 


I spend most of my evenings here to jog, think, or read a book. It’s just a 10 minute walk from our flat. this is a park where you can walk your dogs, do your yoga asanas, and hang out at coffee shops nearby.

More places to share. It’s summer here so most of us just prefer staying inside our flat because the heat is too unbearable already. 🙂


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