Cheap beauty product alternatives for Kabayans! (Dubai)

I’ve told  you before that since I arrived in Dubai I’ve been losing a lot of hair because of the water here. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about beauty solutions and I came across this cheaper alternative for a dry shampoo. I am actually planning to buy one that I saw at Carrefour and it only costs like 30 something AED. but good thing  I came to know that I can actually use baby powder as a dry shampoo replacement!

I bought this Cool & Cool Baby Powder at Carrefour for only 20 something AED  The best baby powder to use as a dry shampoo alternative is look for the one that doesn’t have too much talc on it. Use the tester first and feel the texture. If it  feels like a cornstarch then that’s a better option. All you need to do is put a little amount of powder in your palm, then rub and apply in your hair. No need to get worried about looking like you had dandruff because it blends so well and wouldn’t cause any flaky residue I need using this because I cannot wash my hair everyday due to the fact that the water here in Dubai contains too much chlorine causing drastic hair fall scare.

Another cheap alternative that I am using now is the all time favorite Nivea Creme. I bought this out of impulse. I just realized that I need a new moisturizer and I cannot use an Argan Oil in daytime for it gives me that sticky feel and you cannot imagine how hot and humid Dubai can be during the day. I also need to save money so buying expensive moisturizer is not on my shopping list.

The Nivea Creme can be used as:

  • A face moisturizer
  • Hair balm
  • lip balm
  • nail and hand cream
  • for chapped skin (used as skin moisturizer)

Problem solved right? So for our kabayans out there looking for a solution when it comes to avoiding hair fall and treating dry skin, you might want to consider these options. It’s waaay cheaper!

You might want to check out my article about my shampoo replacement too. Check out Amla Shampoo Replacement review



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