Surviving Dubai

What do you usually feel when you are in a place where there’s no guarantee and certainty? No permanency. Everything temporary. Will you get scared? will you worry all the time thinking that possibly the next day, you won’t have a job, or a flat or dread that your contract is fast ending and that you fret because you don’t know if your employer will renew it or not (and if in case not you’ll have to hustle and look for another job). These emotions are pretty normal for most people here in Dubai. Some are actually too enveloped in stress that they are allowing themselves to be consumed by it, which is saddening. A lot of lonely people trying to find ways to ease the feeling of isolation. I know that this also happens to some other countries too where a lot of expats work abroad to earn a living for their families and it’s not just Dubai. What I have concluded is that you cannot change the state of your environment, but the good thing is that you can change the state of your thinking and mindset. You see, you have to be adaptable to change. You have to go with the flow of things and be open to new challenges and adventures. Feeling all these negative emotions are normal and you can acknowledge it. However, it is best that you know how you can divert all these negative feelings into something really positive.  For the past few months, since I arrived here in Dubai, I keep holding on to this thought that something really rewarding awaits me. Actually, I strongly sense it. And I keep thanking God a million times over and over how I totally appreciate the things that he has blessed me with. After all the hardships that I’ve gone through from dealing with my separation to being hospitalized and now moving to Dubai and start from zero, I must confidently say that I am not afraid anymore and I have never felt so tough when it comes to dealing with challenges. I also became wiser and intelligent. You gain all this knowledge through experiencing struggles, meeting new people and absorbing facts and principles from books too.

Before actually writing this blog post I was feeling kind of sentimental and homesick, which explains this photo my sister took of me while looking out the window of our flat.

So if you will ask me if I am happy now? I’ll say YES. I am happy. And when someone asks me “Why does it seem like you don’t miss your family? You seem like you’re always out and about in Dubai partying.” My usual response is” I do miss my family especially my kids. No need to wear a long face all the time because, at the end of the day, you have no choice but to deal with your own shit. ”

Never let these negativity rule you. You sail your own ship and you should know where the direction of the wind will take you. You need to strategically manoeuver the sails, make sure that the mast and the winch are intact and in place securely, just like with your life making sure that your emotions are stable and your mind and body are ready to take these new challenges that are coming for you

I hope whoever is reading this will have a fruitful and blessed life ahead of him/her.



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