My yoga retreat at Brahma Kumaris: Inner Peace, Inner Power

It was a challenging journey for the past year and you know how it is when it gets to a point that you become confused and ask yourself what your purpose is, what God has planned for you, how you can keep up with these struggles and how you mostly question the real meaning of our existence in this Universe. The sudden turn of events in my life created a big impact on myself and sometimes, when you had some catch-22 you suddenly view things on a different angle. I became cautious ‘to the point where I need to halt and pause, think deeply, before taking action. This applies to almost all situations I’m in. I choose my battles wisely and learned not to give too many fucks on small things.

Last February of this year,  it became too stifling for me and decided to attend another retreat at the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. This is my second one.  Being in a retreat is way even better than traveling on a different country because you get to source your positive energy and happiness from within yourself and not from your outside surroundings. I believe it is important to be in touch with your soul. I always feel so renewed after a retreat.

Pardon for my sucky photos. Actually, grainy and blurry photos are my specialty. And I don’t really mind it at all. This was taken from an old phone I had because my ASUS phone got broken and had to resort from a low end one. I still decided to take photos because I wanted to document and remember every detail of my experience. My memory is weak and I’m afraid by the time I reach 50 I’ll have an early Alzheimer’s Disease or something.

This retreat offers you to gain a broader understanding of what is happening in the world at this time and how it affects you as you begin to understand the depth of karma philosophy. The BK yogis will teach you the Raj yoga meditation in order for you to discover the benefits of gaining peace, contentment, and happiness.

As usual, we started our day with vegetarian snacks. Their food is superb and I consider this as the best vegetarian food I’ve ever tried

Eggless choco cake 

The yogi at Brahma Kumaris asked us if we will pick a symbol of ourselves, what would it be and why? We were shown different symbols and asked to write down our answers on a piece of paper.

I picked the symbol of a sea. Here’s why.

“When the weather is calm my waves roll gently. When stormy winds blow I am wild and out of control. On the surface, I am influenced by my surroundings. But I am also deep and way down beneath my surface is another world, in my depths I have a mysterious and secret world of stillness, silence, beauty, hidden color and great power. Even though I am mostly on the surface where I interact with the world outside, I spend time visiting my depths, so that I can become resilient to the winds of change. “

I love spending time here even when  I was still studying the Raj yoga at their University every Sunday in Tagaytay,. For some reason, the place holds a certain aura of peace and positivity and it’s not just because of the atmosphere that Tagaytay brings but also because you’ll see words of wisdom from each area of BK.

This is the Meditation room where you can just spend your time being quiet. You can stay here for hours as much as you like and no one will bother you.

I guess the way to deal with stress is knowing what your happiness metric is. I know that we hear this all the time, like go inwards and reflect and connect with yourself but based on my experience, after my separation, I have proven this to be true. I trudged and journeyed my way alone without needing anyone in my life even at this moment. I even came to know the real me through spending time by myself and going to places that I know I will find serenity and contentment. We shouldn’t be afraid to deal with the nuggets of bullshits that’s being forced to us down our mouths. We have the option to spit them out or eat them whole.

If you happen to be in the Philippines and you want some soul spa, you may visit Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University located in Tagaytay,.

One thought on “My yoga retreat at Brahma Kumaris: Inner Peace, Inner Power

  1. Yes, There are places around the world where Brahma Kumaris offer one day and weekend retreats. Taking short peace breaks for the mind gives us a chance to re-focus our thinking, and helps to put the mind back into the right gear to create a positive flow of thoughts and feelings. By doing this, we will find that our day will run more smoothly and peacefully, because ‘traffic control’ moments allow us to maintain balanced thinking.


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