Exploring Old Dubai

Time traveling back to the old Dubai! This other side is way different from where my sister and I lived. In all honesty, Dubai isn’t one of those places I am dying to see. However, those beautiful skyscrapers that looked picture-perfect postcards gave me the inspiration to forge into something new and exciting. The timing is just perfect since my sister got married and invited me as her witness.

I have seen so many beautiful places in just 3 weeks I’ve been here, although I am unable to try the other tourist attractions because I arrived during the Ramadan and it’s the summer season. It was so hot outside so most of the people prefer staying at home or just go to malls.

I’ll just start by showing you some of the photos I took when I went to visit the Gold Souk. It was so much fun trying something new and I went there all alone without really knowing the exact location. Getting lost feels so liberating.

My Metro ride

I found myself getting off at the wrong station.  The heat was so unbearable and we are not allowed to drink nor eat during Ramadan so I tried to swallow and swallow in order to manage my thirst.  My sister said I am crazy and obviously new in Dubai coz who in their right mind would want to travel under the blazing sun and ride the Abra?

Sporting a sweaty face but enjoying the Abra ride.

They say this is where Indian traders first settled  Just got the little story from an Indian I encountered there. Ancient buildings everywhere. The highlight of my day was the Abra ride which reminds me of when I had the bangka ride in Batangas. and in Puerto Galera.

So many pretty scarves and fabrics with artistic patterns


The people here know how to speak Tagalog!


Long skirts for Abuelitas


The Gold Souk

I braced myself with some good stuff to discover. So many golds that it seems they’re just selling candies!

Get a load of these and sell them in the Philippines or pawn them. Lol


That gold iPhone!

Gold for me is too old fashioned and it doesn’t really suit my personality. I’m more of a no-accessory kind of girl and I don’t even wear any type of jewelry. It’s just not my thing. Most Filipinos buy loads of gold jewelery and then sell them back in the Philippines. I met a group of kabayans there and spark up a conversation with them. They said that they frequent the place because you’ll get loads of discounts when you buy gold, spices and  fabrics.

The Spice Souk

This is where I enjoyed the most. So many nuts and spices and the fun part is you get to taste them all for free!


Tasted all these ‘and helped myself shamelessly!

Si kuya

Kuya lol

Selfie with the kuyas here

In the Philippines, it’s so ‘hard to find spices and you’d only see them at organic supermarkets with rip-off prices. But here in Dubai,  you can easily find them anywhere, even in random small groceries. it’s very easy to become a vegetarian since a lot of organic products are being sold at affordable prices.

I went home with nuts of all sorts and a few spices to stash. They could come in handy if I feel like cooking something.

I met some Filipinos on my way here. Well, a lot of Filipinos everywhere really. Some were helpful to me in giving directions and some pretty much ignored me. But its an awesome experience nonetheless.






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