Year-end Journal: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Birthday

As part of the Art of living Philippines, celebrating Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s birthday last May was an important event for us. Becoming so overly busy for the past few months before arriving in Dubai resulted with me being inactive in blogging. I have so many drafts still sitting and waiting to be published. And since the year is about to end, I figured this is the best time for sharing all the wonderful events in 2017.  For those of you who doesnt know who Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,  he is the founder of The Art of Living and a known spiriual leader in India His main philosophy is to teach individuals about human values like being kind but firm, respecting and loving everyone regardless of their race, culture, religion, profession, gender or other form of divide that separates us among others.

Founder of The Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Art of Living family in the Philippines







Singing  songs about God representing different religions


Indian vegetarian food

At Dasmarinas Village Makati


We did our meditation along with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar live all over the world celebrating his birthday as well.  Before the actual celebration and meditation, we did some outreach program at the Smoky Mountain, a scavenging community and dump site area in Manila. The experience was life-altering. Looking at all those innocent faces and just knowing how difficult their life situation every day gives me a different kind of understanding about the value of appreciating what we have and being grateful. These kids were all happy despite their current condition.




We were teaching them how to do exercise and dance. They were all so obedient that I can’t help but smile.


Teaching them how to meditate. It was so funny because some of them actually fell asleep!!


Giving away food and school supplies


Everyone so tired, sweaty and smelly but look how genuinely happy we were.  Life is amazing!

I have learned the importance of tuning in to your deeper self.  It’s easier to deal with difficult circumstances and challenges when you know how to quiet your mind and assess the situation. Being alone helps you to get away from the noise of the world (which often the cause of irrational thinking leading us to make the wrong decisions) and hear your own.

Just a precaution though, never ever practice meditation if you just want to escape reality. It should not be complicated.  Life can be hard and challenging but that’s the beauty of it. The more difficult, the more you grow and become wiser. Some still don’t get it but it’s a learning process.

Escapism can lead you to dark pathways and if you do not control it, you can be trapped and it would be too late to get out of it.





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