Year-end Journal: The Filipino Harley Bikers Club

Early this year, I used to date a Harley biker who was living in the US since college and decided to return to the Philippines and brought all his Harley bikes along with him. I met this guy at a motorcycle event and it all started when all of us bloggers crowded around his group to take a photo with them.  Funny how twist of fate works. I was not even paying attention to them because they look really scary and all I cared about is just to get out of there since I was running late for another event that I need to attend to. Little did I know he was eyeing me and that he was able to search my number at the PR blogger database. This guy was so freaking fast that he called me right after I left the said event, asking me if I need a ride going home. Giving him such a very hard time got him to pursue me even more. So since I’m single and not doing anything really exciting that time, I decided to give him a chance and we dated for a few months.

When you’re dating a biker, you adapt their attitude as well. Being with this guy gave me a little bit of power. The idea of breaking a few rules sounds really exciting for me, like when we had breakfast at Pancake House and we ate there even if it’s still closed. Probably the manager got scared of him and don’t want any arguments so he opened it just for us.  Also, whenever we hang out at Starbucks at the Metrowalk, the baristas were the ones who always approach our table and take our orders, only because they know us and maybe they think we’re troublemakers or something. We love going on impulsive out of town rides, having breakfast at quaint places and smoking at a non-smoking area.  Breaking rules is our kind of adventure. You may be curious what he looks like but I decided not to include his photo here for privacy.

Under Armour Rash guard, Harley Davidson leaher vest

I had to wear a leather vest and some of this biker outfit shit just so I can blend with the other chicks from this group. We’re the back riders as what we call ourselves (I dunno but heck whatever). The guy I’m dating with bought me all these Harley Davidson stuff like my helmet and some skull accessories.


The guy lives in a trailer truck with all his skulls. Skull accessories, skull necklaces and skull bandanas. He’s a skull obsessed human being. Lol.


Trying to look swag but failed. Lol. I’m diggin this Harley Davidson motocycle sunglasses, but I returned all the Harley items after I decided not to see him anymore.


Our club party in Pasig.

We hired this popular band in the Philippines


One thing I know is that you can still learn from dating a biker bad-ass.  Learning to be brave and not give a shit. But I would never ever date a biker anymore. I am done with my “adventurous” phase for the time being.



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