Guatemala Organic coffee at Yakitate Japanese Bakery and Cafe

Coffee is my kind of drug. I don’t function without it and I cannot survive without having at least 3 cups of coffee a day.  Dubai has got a lot of great coffee shops and some are tucked hidden in the farthest areas of Dubai. My lesbian colleague ‘knows that I  am in love with coffee and she shared with me this place in Al Ghurair Mall.



My Hello Kitty bun and their famous soft Japanese Cheese Cake


This Japanese cheesecake is their bestseller.  I didn’t order much because what I’m only after is their organic coffee from Guatemala. I wasn’t really planning to blog about this but since I’ve got so many stuff in my mind  I figured vomiting some will allow making some space for other more important thoughts in my head. It gets crowded most of the time and writing helps my brain more organized.

Here’s a video of my Guatemala roast coffee made by a Japanese Siphon coffee maker. But damn I think this one is too short. Anyways, I’d like you to visit them if you’re into discovering new coffee places.


Location: Al Ghurair Mall.

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