Juice World: Famous for Filipinos in Dubai

Another recommendation from my lesbian colleague and this one located far away from my place again. I asked her to go with me because until now, I still get lost in Dubai.

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Gotcha! These 2 Kabayan ladies caught posing for a photo. Lol

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So many fruits creatively designed to make the place more appealing to customers. They have a very wide selection of fruit juices in almost all flavors and are even sold in gallons!

Real fruits everywhere


I did a quick interview with the lady at the counter and asked where Juice Wolrd was first originated and she told me it’s  from Saudi Arabia. They have 2 branches in Dubai and one in Sharjah.  I was smiling from ear to ear because of how cheerful the ambiance is and even the people were all smiling at me. I always get that effect from people you know. Like when I smile, they also smile back (maybe because I look stupid or something )

I felt really giddy and excited to try out their juices. They also offer yogurts, smoothies, milkshakes and a variety of drinks to soothe your thirsty throat.



My Lesbian colleague as my model. Lol

My Lesbian friend’s order. Burger and fries


I only ordered juices. Not really hungry plus they don’t have any vegetarian snacks other than their regular club sandwiches.

I can just imagine how this store would be like during summer. I am assuming its always packed!


PO Box : 181934,
Al Rigga street ( Near Al Rigga Metro Station)
Deira, Dubai, UAE

Email: info@juiceworld.ae
Phone: 04-2999465

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