Winter Feels: Jermuk Mountains

I went to visit Armenia last week. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and the opportunity was just in front of my face so why not grab it? Plus I feel like I really need a break from all these bullshits that were thrown at me for the past couple of weeks.  I heard that Armenia is a very quiet country somewhere in the border of Turkey and in a geographical point of view, located between Europe and Asia. I was really excited because of the fact that I’ll be able to discover the history of the Soviet Union and I’ll get the chance to see old abandoned churches and caves which I always fancy.  It was just the right moment to experience winter. Coming from a tropical country, the idea of winter sounds new to me and I have to admit I haven’t traveled to countries with winter weather. I’m not too sure what to expect though but me being a nature lover, I was eager to see what the mountain looks like covered in ice.


The road going to the Jermuk Falls was a bit slippery and we were all very careful not to fall facedown in the snow.  The natural spring water from these mountains was believed to have healing powers, based on old history.

The road going up the hill

The trek going up the hill was challenging. I tried to avoid some slippery patches of snow, struggling to walk into the deep snow-covered roads. Most of us are having a hard time taking photos since our hands were covered in mittens.

Still Christmas in Armenia

Cave Vandals

We tried the cable car going up the top of Mt Jermuk. The view there was spectacular!

Looks haunted

Finally reaching the top of Mt Jermuk!

No need to refrigerate!

A coffee house on top of the snowy mountain

We met some Armenians inside having a blast while dancing to the beat of the famous dance rap song Mi Gna Super Sako ft Hayko. Their cheerful vibe is so infectious that I actually joined their dancing looking like a fool. I downloaded this song btw. 🙂

The cold weather ain’t too bad when you get to experience it for a good short period of time.

I am born warm blooded I guess.

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