Vernissage Flea Market

My obsession with anything vintage kicked in after seeing all these rare classic finds being sold at Vernissage Flea Market.  A few months ago, I was looking at all these vinyl at Virgin Megastore at  Mall of the Emirates and all of them are marked with rip-off prices plus it doesn’t feel really vintage. It’s totally different when you buy something that looks like it just came out of your grandfather’s cedar chest, like those kinds where it’s all been tucked at a corner of your attic smelling of mold and covered in thick dust.

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Bought some and decided to decorate my walls with vinyl.

I felt so giddy looking at all these wonderful treasures. Albums of stamps, old typewriter, vintage cameras and even old wine bottles and antique pins and memorabilia can be found everywhere!

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All these vintage cameras are still working. Prices range from 17k drams to 20K drams.

Vernissage is a place to shop for anything art. If you love paintings,, handmade bags,  carpets, antique furniture, pretty traditional souvenirs and old books that dated back to Soviet times, you’ll definitely salivate and hoard!

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So retro!


Album of stamps!

20180113_15215220180113_15230020180113_15233920180113_15243820180113_15252220180113_152540street of artists!


I watched this fascinating traditional dance. The weather was so beautiful and I love spending my free time ‘at the Republic Square Park (especially in front of the museum where there’s free wifi!)

Being an introvert like me (yes I am naturally an introvert), I always crave for a peaceful and quiet place. Armenia gives me that serene feeling and I love the simple lifestyle of its people. I will definitely be back hopefully this summer.





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