Failing could be your road to HAPPINESS

The biggest regret that you can ever have is not even trying. I prefer trying and failing. Try and fail again and try even harder. If you still fail, maybe you need to find the right time at the right place with the right people. Believe in the power of instincts. I trust mine 100 percent, If my instinct tells me I should avoid certain people in my life I will follow that feeling no matter what. That’s why I can easily discard someone and move on to certain situations quicker than you can imagine. I don’t listen to anyone unless that person is credible enough and earned my respect

Regrets can haunt you till you reach the age of 80. I definitely don’t want to feel regret especially now that I am already reaching the age of 40. (just 4 years more to go and its fast approaching). Grab all the opportunities in front of you while you can. Don’t be afraid of failing and stop minding those people who love to criticise and find fault only because they cannot even improve their own lives. The purpose of life is knowing the kind of happiness that you want. Live your life for yourself and not for others.


Our spoiled brat Ella 

I remembered writing this post about HAPPINESS in my journal last year:

I guess one of the things that people aren’t aware of is finding happiness in the right places. Happiness is the easiest emotion that can be achieved almost every day, as long as you know how to appreciate little things around you.

Now, why am I talking about happiness all of a sudden? Well obviously, I am beaming with happiness the whole day up to this present moment. I have also learned to find happiness even without anyone or anything else being involved. Through simple meditation and reflection, I can easily awaken my happiness hormones that come from within. Cheesy or weird as it may sound but its the whole truth. The secret is just knowing how to trigger it.

Also, being genuinely happy is one of the components in the art of attracting people. When you’re always laughing or smiling, you send this positive vibration out to people and when they catch it, they will feel at ease with you and will open up to you without any hesitations. Your face becomes illuminated with that soft glow thus creating a pleasant aura around you. I learned this through my Al Koran’s book called “Bring out the magic in your mind”. I swear that book is so amazing, you just gotta learn how to apply the methods.

When you stay happy, you get more blessings (I’m not just talking about material things or money). Blessings can be in a form of people or situations. So many types of blessings really. Its tried and tested.

People can be such a pain in the ass but you gotta ignore. Do not allow them to ruin your happy state of mind. Let the bashers bash you, let the haters hate you, and let the stalkers stalk you. Remember, bad karma hovers around those people who love finding fault from others and is just waiting to pounce and teach them a lesson.

Just be happy.


Me after being hospitalized and had that serious operation. Happy I’m still breathing and healthy. 


Are you afraid to fail? Are you scared that people will look down on you and laugh at you because you were a failure? Are you scared of rejection? Do you think they are better than you? Why are you thinking all these silly thoughts? Have you actually tried listing down all your accomplishments? your best traits? the help that you offered to the people around you? your contributions to the society?
It’s time to wake up and see the beauty that life has to offer. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you’re about to feel all these negativities, pause and stop yourself. Avoid talking to people around you, try to listen to your subconscious and your gut feeling. No one should dictate how you need to live your life. Learn to shut your ears and go deaf with all the noise of these know-it-alls surrounding you.
I did this myself and so far, I was able to achieve some of the things I’ve been wanting in life. I still have some goals waiting to be accomplished and I know I’ll be able to hit them when the right time comes.

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