Whats up with me and coffee?





2018-03-29 12.35.33.png


I’m not a coffee snob.  For you to be an authentic one,  drinking basic and commercialized coffee brands doesn’t appeal you anymore and you’d rather go for organic ones. You’ll also be more concerned and more curious about how the beans are roasted, where it was originated and all these coffee-obsessed habits.  I am simply a plain coffee addict human being.  Isn’t it obvious with all these photos? It’s not intentional and I just happen to drink coffee whenever I have the chance. I drink a maximum of 5 cups a day and sometimes even more.

Here in Dubai, the most famous brand is Costa where you can see it in almost all places., next to Caribou and Tim Hortons. Starbucks became just your regular coffee brand because you’ll find it inside a grocery and convenience store like 7 Eleven.  I miss the quaint little coffee shops in the Philippines especially those in Tagaytay and Batangas. Kapeng Barako smells like heaven however it’s so expensive to buy them here.

I’ve been gushing about Philippines nonstop.  It’s funny how you’ll suddenly appreciate your own country when you experience living outside of your homeland. I prefer the simplicity of life in the Philippines than the fancy life here in Dubai.  There’s just no place like home.

I am enjoying my Armenian brew right about now while writing this. Hope you enjoy your weekend UAE friends.

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