Kamia Bay Resort: Home for Aqua Play Parks

My first dose of real nature for the year 2018!

God heard my plea after wishing for some vitamin sea.

When I arrived here in the Philippines last month I was already thinking of where to spend my summer and hoping it would be in a paradise somewhere near. I just happen to throw my wish in the air under the hot blazing sky one day and perhaps God overheard it and decided to give me a little vacay with all the stress I’ve been through in Dubai. So, an opportunity knocked unexpectedly at my door and got an invite to go to Palawan and experience the most fun and largest inflatable park in Asia- The Aqua Play Parks Philippines

I am proud to be in a country where you can easily access beautiful islands, where nature is just almost everywhere . I’m grateful that I was able to experience being away from the Philippines because it gave me this realization that our country offers so much for Filipinos. We just need to learn how to appreciate all these things we already have and stop looking elsewhere.

Now that I’m back, I’d like to share with you my first paradise trip for the year. The paradise that all travelers yearn for. The kind where you can envision yourself being cut-off from civilization, enjoying the lush greens surrounding you and the endless white strip of sand softly caressing your bare feet. That feeling wherein you can just enjoy the simplicity of life away from toxic environment and complications.

This place is called Palawan. If you haven’t been to our country, I suggest putting Palawan on top of your itinerary. Our country is famous for travelers and it’s always a go-to destination for people who want to experience tropical weather.

So thankful for the invite from Peter Appleton-owner and CEO of Aqua Play Parks Philippines. We get to experience and review the largest inflatable park in Asia.

But before I share my Aqua Play Parks experience, I’d like to give you a tour of Kamia Bay Resort.

Lack of sleep.

Kamia Bay Resort is located in Binunsulian Bay, the southern part of Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island. This is just about an hour away from the city proper. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and roads on the way there (if you’re photo-obsessed you’ll appreciate all these things).

The area is surrounded by beautiful mangroves perfect for IG worthy shots. The resort used to be private but decided to open them to the public. The good thing is that it’s not too crowded so if you prefer privacy, this is a better choice. You can go kayaking, jet-skiing and island hopping plus they also offer a very informative trekking tour around the resort where you can learn a few things about island survival. The most highlight of this trek is the surprise waiting for you at the highest peak of the resort (and too bad I wasn’t able to experience the trekking tour due to the other activities we had.) They will open a mini bike trail soon plus a lot of other fun activities on the works.

My life as a lifeguard. 😁

The sand here is so soft you’d want to just lie down and enjoy the warmth touching your bare skin.

Photo credits from The Girl with the Muji Hat

Puerto Princesa is famous for its tourist attractions like the Underground River and island-hopping boat rides but now there’s more to look forward to. Kamia Bay Resort is now getting really famous because of its very peaceful ambiance (check out their Trip Advisor review. I’m impressed with all the positive feedback.)

This trip wouldn’t be complete without some swimsuit shots! Thanks to my blogger friend Rona Beltran of Travel With Maria.

We also saw some rock formations near the area and we took advantage of taking photos there as well.

Summer isn’t over yet. Book your trip now and experience paradise here in Palawan

Check out Kamia Bay Resort. They have discounted packages available for the family and for corporate team building events as well.

Follow Aqua Play Parks on FB and IG

Visit their website : Aqua Play Parks

Up next to feature, our Aqua Play Parks Philippines amazing fun experience!

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