Aqua Play Parks Ph: the best interactive inflatable park in Asia

As you may notice, inflatable parks are getting bigger and becoming a trend in the Philippines. In my opinion, a water park should be fun, interactive, safe, and highly maintained. Being the adventurous person that I am, I wanted to try something that would give me this huge adrenaline rush. Something that will make me grab for mommy and daddy and transport me back to my childhood days.

This sports inflatable water park forces you to unleash your imagination and test your motor skills and endurance. Have you watched Maze Runner ? Or what about Takeshi’s Castle? There’s Massive Monster Mayhem from Nickelodeon? or American Ninja Warrior? You can probably inject that concept here. If you are the type who’s up for adventure and hate the typical boring water activities you usually experience during summer, then it’s time to visit The Best Interactive Inflatable Park in Asia: The Aqua Play Parks Philippines.

As you can see, this is extremely unique and screams “Adventure”. It’s not your conventional water park out there where each activity is so ordinary and after one trial you wouldn’t want to repeat it. With Aqua Play Parks, I guarantee you’ll beg not to leave the inflatable park area and you’d have to be dragged away by your friends or family. It’s that FUN believe me.

Use your strategic skills and practice it through physical and mind stimulating activities like what Aqua Play Parks has to offer. I want you to be imaginative with me while I share with you my kinetic and high-powered experience of these inflatables floating at the Kamia Bay waters. This is gonna be a very descriptive input so brace yourself!

The Slidezilla

I think my soul just left outside my body! Uhm okay I may be exaggerating here but seriously, this is what I felt after that super memorable slide I had with the amazing Slidezilla–a 40 ft slide guaranteed to make you feel free and get wild and wet while you slide your way down to the sea salt water! Don’t worry though because your fall is perfectly safe as you are wearing your life jacket, which will be considered as your bestfriend while you’re there. Never ever be part with your “bestfriend” because even if you are a champion swimmer, it’s best to make safety as your number one priority.

The Human Launcher

I have to admit I was too chicken to try this one only because I was suffering from migraine that time. However, I asked their feedback about how it’s like being thrown in the air and they said it was surprisingly scary but fun at the same time. Scary because you’re unsure what to expect but fun because of the feeling of somersaulting like a circus performer. Watch this video and you’ll see what I’m talking about

You’re wondering how you can navigate your way to get to the inflatable park area? Learn to kayak!! We have paddle boards available for use.

My Aqua Play Park outfit

No need to worry about accidents or emergencies because we have a team of lifeguards on standby around the area. They will also teach you how to properly wear a life jacket before trying out the inflatable obstacles.

Heres a video tutorial of Mr Saldi, one of the lifeguards at Aqua Play Parks.

Orher obstacles you may want to try are the following:

Rock Peak

Safer and easier than the real rock climbing wall.

The rock peak is a climber that fits nicely into any aqua park system. It is designed to accomodate a group of players at the same time. There are wings that serve as a slide scoop to give the players a gentle angle into the water. Climb up one of the rock faces ,then choose a slide. It’s guaranteed to keep them in and out of the water.

Dolphin Slide

This is a great quick hop over for all ages. Race up and over the dolphins and slide back down. An obstacle to challenge without slipping or falling! Be careful, there is a water trap at the bottom. Many have entered with confidence only to end up soaking wet!

Jungle Walk

Since you’re so obsessed about IG, here’s a perfect spot for your Instagrammable photos!

Walk through the jungle trees on those narrow tubes. Be careful, you need to zig zag your way across. This will change your balance. One slip and you are gone into the deep! Say hello Mr. Shark!

Barrel Roll

Enter in! You will notice its not stable. You and your friends take your position in the barrel. Start turning, start tumbling. Fast or slow. Everybody will laugh!


Everyone loves trampolines, Bounce and play. You can even bouce and land in the water. Do flips into the water, do that great cannon ball splash. The trampoline is sure to give you that great bounce up high for that great spalsh moment. All trampolines are supported with a steel frame and spring systems for pro bouncing.

So bounce bounce and bounce to la la land!!!!

Play volleyball here

A video with Wilma Doesnt

Explore more and youll find other fun obstacles to try.

Now if you feel sort of lazy with all these fun activities, Aqua Play Parks and Kamia Bay Resort has something for you lazy ass. You can go sun tanning at this strip of sand called The Puting Buhangin (meaning White Sand) . Pose and do your typical IG thing out there. The sand is so soft and white youll be tempted to put them on a jar and bring home as a souvenir. 😂😂😂

I’m so gorgeous that I sometimes hate it haha.

On our way to Puting Buhangin with the whole gang!

Only the coolest flock together!!!

Owner and CEO Peter Appleton and our guest host Wilma Doesnt

A short video of how proud I am with our country The Philippines!!!

Write your thoughts. We have a freedom wall.

I bet you’re itching to go now aren’t you? Summer aint over yet so go book your flight right this minute and experience a different kind of inflatable fun only here at Aqua Play Parks


Entrance fee: 200 php

Aqua Play

788/head includes 1 hr play, eco tour and buffet lunch.

Unlimited Aqua Play

1488/head includes unlimited play, eco tour and buffet lunch.

Aqua Adventure

1188/head includes 1 hr Play, eco tour and buffet lunch with roundttip transfer

Unlimited Aqua Adventure

1788/head includes unlimited play, eco tour, buffet lunch plus roundtrip transfer.

Bike rentals: 200 per hour (50 php for additional hour)

Bike trail (own bike) : 200

One hour Aqua Play-300

Buffet lunch for adults: 499

Buffet lunch for kids: 299

Visit their website Aqua Play Parks

Like their Instagram: Inflatablewaterparks

Facebook page: Aqua Play Parks PH

Photo credits: Aqua Play Parks and

The Girl with the Muji Hat

Other photos from mine and from other fellow bloggers.

More adventures this year. Keep tabs on me via this blog and my social media platforms



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