J-Rams Samgyeopsal Food review

The last korean food review I had was 2 years ago at Madison Commons. I can still remember I was having a severe gastritis attack but still continued eating and ignoring those surge of pain from my stomach. After the operation, I told myself Ill stop eating meat and cut down on fatty foods so I did. After moving in the UAE, my preference in food changed. Instead of rice, I was eating paratha and arabic bread. My lunch mostly consists of Mediterranean vegetarian dishes and I was able to get used to it.

And now that I’m back in my country, I know I’ll be tempted to accept food review invitations and I am right. My first food review for 2018 is trying out the Samgyupaal from J-Rams Bistro and Cafe located at BF Homes.

Yes. It’s meat. And I know I should refuse this because I didn’t want to endure the agony of being hospitalised again. However, I told myself that since they served chicken meat as one of their options, I went ahead and tried it.

Try visiting BF homes Parañaque and youll be amazed of the Korean restaurants lined up offering Samgyupsal. Now what separates J-Rams among all these selections of restaurants you ask?

In my opinion, it’s the way they put all these flavorful ingredients making you want to order for more. All the meat tastes juicy and its not too overwhelming. I also like their great customer service. The owners are hands on with their customers making sure they feel very comfortable and enjoying the food.

Just a tip: Be patient because parking is difficult in the area but I can assure you its all worth it.

Check their Facebook page J-Rams Coffee Bistro Pastries

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