Cove Manila: High-class Indoor beach club

Enjoy your weekends at Cove Manila located inside Okada Manila.

Cove Manila is Southeast Asia’s newest entertainment space with its indoor beach club and nightclub, boasting some of the most advanced audio, video and ambient lighting technologies that promise an unparalleled world-class experience.

The Indoor Beach Club features an advanced climate control system that emulates a cool bayside atmosphere for a picture-perfect “summer experience” all year long. Guests can experience the venue’s luxury cabanas with five-star hotel amenities and a private hot tub—all while enjoying remarkable views of the Manila Bay and the vast 9000-sqm.

Cabanas at the Sunset Lounge with a spectacular view of the Manila Bay perfect for your Instagram feed.

They serve Bushmill! I have tried this at the Irish Village in Dubai and it’s one of the best tasting.

Towels are provided and lockers have a rent fee of 150 php.

I had my unicorn moment finally!!

I know its annoying AF! 😁😁

Visit Okada Manila and experience this high-class luxury staycation like no other. You can shop, dine and play casino games and finally party at night while enjoying the best music played by Cove Manila’s International DJs.

I will definitely be back ☺

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