Summer Bay Resort: the famous diving resort in Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

You may now be planning for your travel this year (which usually happens around this month because airfares are cheaper and offering deals). There are so many countries in Southeast Asia that boast amazing beaches and I know your head is overwhelmed with the choices on your bucket list. Each country has their own “paradise” and if you’ll be given a chance to explore all of them you’d definitely wish for it in a heartbeat.

As for my personal choice though, I prefer a place that gives something for tourists worth remembering

Malaysia is “just a stone throw away” from our country Philippines. The advantage of living in Southeast Asia is that you get to travel to more than 5 countries without breaking the bank. All it takes are smart planning and budgeting in order to make your travel experience hassle-free and smooth sailing.


We all know you can find resorts that offer your usual activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and island hopping but have you ever experienced something extraordinary? Think of Ariel and imagine a fairy-tale like moment under the sea.


Amazed? Look at how blue the water is.

One of the popular attractions that they are known for is the Blue Tears tour. You get to see this fascinating sight of blue tears that glows after dark

Dive under the south china sea and discover beautiful corals, sea urchins, strange looking plants and animals like the Sponge (those are the ones you see stuck on a rock in different strange shapes and colours.)

Be adventurous and dive in a little deeper.

The Lang Tengah Island is located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, with nearby islands Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. The resort offers boat transfer when you reach Merang Jetty for a hassle free travel going to the island. You wont have to worry about going there because you are well assisted by the nice locals eager to assist travelers.

Picturesque underwater shots.

This beach looked like the island from the Life of Pi movie.

Walk on your bare feet and feel the soft powdery sand as you savour that moment of peace and solitude. If you’re with your lover, this is the perfect place to rekindle the fire lost between the two of you. As they say from the locals, Summer Bay Resort at Lang Tengah Island is the Maldives of Malaysia.

Summer Bay Resort provides complimentary activities like snorkelling on the nearby islands of Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian plus island hopping.

Witness a beautiful sunrise and sunset by spending a few hours capturing this on camera.

The resort also caters for newlyweds and other special events. They can set up something special for the occasion.

You can choose different rooms depending on your holiday package. Rooms are spacious, clean and cosy. The most popular one is the Allamanda room with modernized furniture and interiors.

Resorts swimming pool

It’s time to put down your gadgets, disconnect with the social media world for the time being and just relax on a hammock, read a book and enjoy the peaceful moment not a lot of people can have the luxury these days.

Explore Malaysia. Veer away from the conventional resorts that you usually go to and try looking for something new.

Choose from the most suitable package for you and your loved ones


From KL, you can either go by plane or ride the bus or train going to the city of Kuala Terengganu. Upon arriving at Merang Jetty, boat transfers are available provided by Summer Bay Resort to bring you to Lang Tengah Island.

Time to make friends with our sea creatures!

For more information, you may visit their website

Summer Bay Resort

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Book now before the monsoon season comes.

3 thoughts on “Summer Bay Resort: the famous diving resort in Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

  1. Dear Travellers,

    Wish to share my recent experience with the group of one of the resort in Malaysia. It was a mishap but it shows us how businesses are run in this resort.

    Warning: Guys takecare when you plan or are visiting this Summer Bay Resort.

    My experience with them was a disaster and they are unethical business looking to explore into guest to make money. My wife had a miscarriage during our holiday in Malaysia before going to Summer Bay Resort. Wrote to them that we cannot make it and have to cancel the package. Fighting for weeks with them proofing with all hospital bills etc the case in order to get the refund. his ruthless and non-sympathy people refuse a refund even if this is a non-foreseen accident. Refusing to refund insist on provide other hotels or voucher for future use.

    Issue we have is, our trip was a nightmare already in Malaysia after losing our baby, the family is not keen to return to this place again. We manage to get all refund from other packages we have booked that we can fulfilled and all of them were very understanding and sympathy.
    Beware if you are going to this Summer Bay Resort, I have read many bad feedbacks about them but insist to go with them rather than to Redang and now I regret.



  2. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your family. I hope they can still resolve the issue and give you a refund.


    • Hi,

      My wife is recovering now physical but mentally the family is going thru the tremors is still there. It was a nightmare for us that night as we rush to the hospital 30mins away at 1am with our 2 kids from middle of their sleep.

      The resort had responded proudly that their resort dont provide refund to any guest irregardless of their situation and condition. This is what pissed me off on the type of business these guys are operating – making money is all their objective without putting sympathy onto guests. I am surprised to encounter such attitude from Malaysians as as far most of them we met are friendly and supportive except for this particular resort.

      I hope my experience with them serve as a warning to many in future to be beware of.


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