Porto Laiya: The perfect place for quiet getaway

My Palawan trip is still not enough for me to enjoy summer. Coming from the Middle East where nature seems so out of reach, I told myself I’ll make sure to make the most of summer here in our country.

So thats what I did! After my Palawan, I dragged my kids to Laiya, Batangas to savour the sea salt air from the South.

Laiya, Batangas is just about a half hour drive from Manila (without traffic).

The hunger for nature always gave me the impulse to travel. I love the fresh clean air that swept through my hair and fill my lungs and body, making me feel as though inch by inch, my senses were coming alive. Its the source of my positivity and how it helps quiet my mind.

Porto Laiya is a quiet residential resort that provides a serene atmosphere. It’s actually open for residence and lot owner, however, they offer trippings for those who might be interested in buying lots for investments.

An infinity pool with a nice view of the beach.

The shower room is neat and very orderly.

Since Porto Laiya is exclusively for residential and lot owners and their guests, they don’t have lodges or cottages and they are not open to the public, which appeals for many because of the feeling of privacy and exclusivity. I was lucky enough to get invited, thanks to my dear friend Bette who made sure Ill have the relaxation I needed as soon as I arrive here in the Philippines.

Sunbathing feels like heaven 🙂

Disconnecting from the outside world for just a short moment.

its low tide but my mood ain’t feeling low.

Next destination? Malaysia.🙂

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